About Me!

I'm just a pretty boring person really so brace yourself to not be impressed. I'm a Welsh teenager who has small town fever and moved to London to escape. I created my blog after all my friends got sick of hearing me talk about makeup incessantly, at first it wasn't too bad but I just kept talking about it and the more I learned the more I wanted to say!

I was an avid watcher of beauty gurus on YouTube for about 2 years and I'd stopped and started a few channels where I wanted to do it too, but I was always really scared about hate etc. Finally, around Christmas 2011 I started reading blogs as well and that just started to make it even harder for me to not make a channel and blog. It was twice the temptation. So, in Feb 2012 I caved and made a YouTube Channel one day when I was home ill from school and decided I wanted a blog too. From there, I've stayed strong and am still making videos to this day!

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