Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My Hair?!

You have no idea how tempting it was to write mah hurr for the title of this post!

If you've seen my video on this topic you'll already know that I have been going blonde slowly but surely, and I have an appointment at the salon tomorrow to make the final leap and add blonde through the uncoloured hair I have on the top layer!

 It's a pretty big change, and I've been spending way more time than is socially acceptable on Pinterest trying to find the perfect picture of what I want. I'm that person in the hairdresser, yes I know...OCD.

And I think I have found the perfect inspiration in the shape of Ashlee Simpson circa 2007, weird I know! But it's everything I want in a hair colour, off the root so no major upkeep, but less ombre more blonde.

A warm undertone that means the colour will compliment my hair colour, with her kinda ginger roots but still flattering blonde I am cured of my fear that naturally ginger hair doesn't translate to blonde well.

Anddddd, it translates well curly or straight, some ombre kind of colours don't look so great when straight, but this look seems to work both ways!

To keep an eye on how it turns out take a look at my twitter or instagram: @beautifywithbeth and I'll be posing photos tomorrow!!