Monday, 23 June 2014

Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation - Double Take

The Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation was my favourite drugstore foundation when I first started blogging and making videos, so when I was in a sneaky trip to Boots a few weeks ago I repurchased it!

I picked up the lightest shade available just like last time, this was Light Porcelain. I don't know whether they have a different shade range now or whether my skin has changed, but this colour does not do it for me! It's PINK!!!

Straight up pink, like my touché éclat level of pink. I'm so confused because it looks terrible on my skin! I always go for a yellow undertone to my foundation, it just looks better on me, and translates well when I decide to fake tan! So I'm a little bit at a loss of what to do with the product now! I'll probably wait it out until winter when I'm a little paler or mix it with a darker foundation with a much stronger yellow undertone.

I do however still love the consistency of this foundation, it's thicker rather than a runny liquid when you pump it out, so gives you a little bit of a heavier coverage and I'd say a nicer ability to blend. A dewy finish which everyone loves, and the magic touch of a shimmer that doesn't show on our skin but makes sure your skin doesn't look dry by the end of the day!!

Basically, I need to find a better colour that's this pale still but yellow instead of so pink.