Sunday, 29 June 2014

Lorde has a MAC COLLECTION!?!?!

When this email landed in my inbox I was in shock, Lorde has a MAC collection? The girl has taken over the world lately but I was still so surprised, for some reason I feel like MAC are quite picky with their celebrity endorsements, even though they usually have a lot they don't have one for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

But! All is not as it appears...Lorde literally has a lipstick and the penultimate eyeliner in her 'collection'. And her lipstick is a deep purple called 'Pure Heroine', like her album. Sound familiar?? MAC's permanent collection holds a deep purple lipstick called Heroine. Safe to say, I won't be purchasing from the Lorde collection, and after getting so excited about the 3D Glitter Collection, this seems a real let down from MAC!

Long story short, I don't know who failed here... MAC's team or Lorde's team but come on guys!!!!

Side note - If you were wondering why I'm posting on a Sunday, my designated day off blogging, I'm making up for my lack of post on Thursday from my failed deleted post. Aaaand I only put up one video this week. Sacrificing my Sunday is my apology!