Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Rediscovery! Herbalife Scrub

Since I've been so busy lately, (side note, sorry about the lack of posts moving cities = stress) I've not really had an awful lot of time to go and try out new products. So, I've been sticking with old ones, you'd think this would be completely boring and I'd know all the products inside out, but I've found out that isn't the case!

I've recently rediscovered my good old Herbalife Daily Facial Scrub Cleanser * (review here) which I recieved a while ago and have been on and off using since the day I got it. However, I'm not a big fan of scrubs like this, usually, if I want a scrub I want one a lot harsher to really get rid of the dry skin I usually suffer with.

Now, from a mixture of eating weirdly, drinking (hey, it's freshers), staying up late, moving and a whole host of other concoctions, my usually dry skin has also been acting out and even going on the oily side of the spectrum, for me anyway. And this product has really helped stabilise my skin back to what it was before all the madness of going back to uni has done to my body.

You can see in this photo the little beads that exfoliate. I am usually a bit indifferent to this type of exfoliation and usually hit my Liz Earle cleanse and polish, this has really been doing wonders for my skin while still being quick and easy. Instead of trying to hunt down my muslin cloths somewhere in my boxes of stuff until I'm fullly unpacked, this is at hand and you don't need anything but your hand to use it. BIG WIN!

I know Herbalife are known for being a weight loss brand but their skincare products are actually really good, I definitely recommend giving them a shot. Also, everything smells like oranges!!!