Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tempest Fashion Ltd

Last Saturday the 10th August I went to an event in Cardiff for an upcoming fashion brand called Tempest. The whole thing was inside Ladybird nightclub and was a pop up shop and showcase of Tempest's different dresses and tops.

I have to say, the event itself was a lot smaller scaled and not as exciting as I was expecting, with just one small room being dedicated to this all day event. As well as that, one of the advertised appearances of AK from the TV show the Valleys was just sort of there, I can't say I was particularly upset about it because I don't really watch the show. It was just a little bizarre as she seemed to just kind of be there and around the place rather than promoting the brand as I was expecting.

Anyway, the clothes themselves were absolutely gorgeous, and because Tempest is a small fashion boutique which sells mostly online, it makes the items feel less common, if you buy a dress from TopShop you know anyone could have it, with Tempest 9/10 you won't find someone else in the same outfit.

I've just got a few photos of my two favourite items from Tempest to include in this post.

First is the Riri dress which is backless white/cream dress with lace trim on it. I absolutely love this and it's one of those 'birthday' dresses which you feel really snazzy in.

Next is the Mollie and this was my absolute number one fave of the day and I think I want it in both of the colours!I saw a model for the company wearing it in cream and was smitten from that moment, but unfortunately the cream is just a sample and they don't currently stock it.

You may be able to tell that all of their clothes are names, which is a really cute touch. They all seem to be girls names as well, it's just sweet being like "oh yeah I wore my lucy dress last night" to a friend.

One thing I will say, is that some of these items are expensive, but considering it's a boutique and the quality, Tempest is definitely one of those brands that you'll treat yourself with every now and then and keep in the wardrobe for a while rather than popping to the shops and buying things for the sake of it.

You can find Tempest on Facebook and if you do go and check them out, tell them I sent you! Also, to save you time, you will find their stockists online at Asos, Designer Desirables, Vestry and Minnies Boutique. However they also have physical boutiques in south Wales!