Thursday, 29 August 2013

August's Disapointing Product

I'm going to introduce this new series to my blog, of products that have disapointed me. This might not be very often, because I am quite careful when I spend my money, but occasionally there's the odd impulse buy. And out of these impulse buys there can be some crappy products that make it into my collection, and this is sone of them.

This is the Superdrug own dry shampoo, and the scent is nice enough with orange blossom. However, the actual performance of this product is terrible, even from the second it goes on my hair it doesn't make my hair less oily, but rather the opposite, and makes my hair look super dirty and greasy when all I wanted was a little pick me up.

The white cast is also horrific, and I know you expect that from dry shampoo, but this takes it to a whole different level. Even after brushing through the white is left visible on my hair, and I've tried everything to avoid this.

I picked up the Superdrug version because it was on offer and my usual, Batiste (which I will definitely stick to from now on) was not on offer. However, this also meant, that I bought two of these dry shampoos and had to do the unthinkable and throw them out. Usually, even if I'm not a huge fan of a product, I'll use it up, but this was just impossible.

Basically, if this was a tl;dr, summed up, I do not recommend, go for batiste instead.