Thursday, 15 August 2013

Arbonne Pure Vibrance Hair Revitalizing Masque Review

Excuse the long title...but that's what this product is called. To be honest, myself I'm going to call it my Arbonne Hair Mask* from now on, but still.

As you will be able to see from recent videos, I have dipdyed my hair a little while ago, and my hair hasn't really repaired from the bleach since, so I've been looking at products like this, with the keywords revitalizing or conditioning just for a little bit extra moisture and to try and restore some of the health back into my hair. Yes, I know that's like basically impossible, but as long as it doesn't get any worse, right?

First thing I will say is that all of the packaging, including the box are really well designed and look very modern. It's also one of those things that fits into the bathroom really well, I think 99% of the world have blue or white bathrooms so this sort of sits nicely with this. Random, but I hate products in my shower that are like neon green or something weird like that where they just stick out and look awkward. Sorry, let me just repress my OCD there a little and get back to the review.

On first impressions, the consistancy was really nice, thick and almost sticky but that's good for an in shower mask that you don't want to slide straight out of your hair. Also, it's the little things, but when you unscrew the lid there's an extra little cover over the product that looks like the top to the Chanel Universal Bronze where you have to remove that to get at it. Random, but that's the only comparison I can think of.

A negative I will say is the scent of the product, it contains white ginger and although I love the scent of ginger, this is like uber-strong to the point where it doesn't even smell like ginger any more and just gets stuck in my nostrils. 

Other than that, this product is nice and nourishing and basically does what it says on the tin, my broken ends are still there, but above them is healthy hair that feels nicely moisturised and strong without being weighed down. I wouldn't say that there has been a noticeable difference in the amount of split ends etc I have now that I've started using this compared to before. That being said, I have been told things like oh gosh your hair has grown etc so maybe it's making more of a difference than I've even noticed myself.