Sunday, 7 July 2013

Soap & Glory: The Fab Pore Facial Peel Review

The Soap and Glory Fab Pore facial peel is one if my favourite throw in the cupboard masks. I know that's not a particularly technical term but to me it makes sense, I always prefer my fresh ingredient masks that need to be in the fridge, but I also own a handful of longer lasting ones that I keep along with my skincare. 

This Soap and Glory peel is one of those masks, and although I was initially a bit afraid of using a peel on my face, it is actually a treat on my skin with no considerably noticeable tingling or any other unpleasant sensation. 

This particular peel is thick in consistency but most importantly contains small green beads, as you can see in the photo below, when these dissolve/pop they activate the mask. As you are applying the mask, the massaging motion is what causes these little beads to pop and activate the mask. However it means you really have to massage it a lot to make sure that the mask does what it's supposed to. It's also effected by the thickness of the product which just makes it a bit of a process to actually get it on. 

Once the mask is actually on it's really nice, it doesn't dry too much in the time you have it on and crack, but because of the thickness it's not a wet texture either. Also there's a sort of eucalyptus or minty cooling feeling on your skin and that is the only sort of tingling you feel.

Now, the most important hit of a face mask review, the bit that envy one really cares about...the end result. After the mask has been on for 15 minutes you wash it off in whatever way you want usually I do it in the shower, it's just a little bit easier and less messy. Afterwards you will instantly notice your skin is a lot softer and brighter than before the mask and if you use it on a regular basis you'll see it keeps your skin in this condition.

I also find my skin looks a bit plumper after this mask and it also tends to help to bring out the flaws in my skin which makes easier work for my pore strips etc. I know it's kinda gross but it's what you want from a mask.

As the name suggests, this mask is also brilliant for your pores and helps to minimise the appearance of big pores especially around your nose and cheeks. I find, especially in summer time in heat like Britain is having at the minute, my pores think that this is an invitation to double in size, and this mask keeps that in check ready for application of makeup, mist probably including benefit's porefessional. 

That's all I can think of writing at the minute but if you have any more questions feel free to ask and i'll keep track and answer you all. :)