Sunday, 28 July 2013

Party Fashion! (Zante Post!!)

Now, you may or may not know, that at the beginning of this summer, I went on a clubbing holiday. I hit the strip in Laganas, Zante with one of my best friends from uni and although you won't be seeing my on 'Sun, Sex, and Suspicious Parents' anytime soon, I still partied hard.

That being said, when shopping to go I didn't really know what to buy, but luckily for me, my friend had been the previous year. So, forget about all the nice clothes you'll usually take for meals out on other holidays. And the strappy heels and summer dresses. No, no. You're gonna want many denim shorts, or even hot pants, who knows!? And things that you won't object to being stained by UV paint and cheap cocktails with that bastard grenadine, that just won't come out no matter how well you stain treat your clothes.

So here's a few of my favourite outfits from my holiday, both day and night to show you my Zante or holiday clubbing fashion!

This is one of my favourite outfits, because it's so colourful and summery. These high-waisted shorts are from Primark and they go with the crop top from the Beyonce collection in H&M because they cover my stomach to the beginning of the bralet/crop top.

This leopard print crop top is from TopShop and although kinda trashy looking on its own, I love this! It can be worn with or without straps and I'm a sucker for a bit of leopard print. I loved this frayed ombre top to double as a day time pool cover up and a nighttime outfit with some denim shorts. Plus it was £4 from Primark.

These two items are both from Forever21 and I love them to peices. The shorts I bought months ago as soon as I'd booked my holiday and saved them to go away. Love them too much! Then this dip hem dress from Forever21 is the only dress I took away with me, and I just love the pattern on the front. Also, it's pretty darn short so the dress doesn't make you hot by covering you in this dark fabric. 

Now, I can't go anywhere without my black skater or circle skirt from TopShop. And at just £16 a piece I guarantee I've had my moneys worth out of it.

This tassled top from New Look was a lovely beach or pool cover up that was really cheap in the New Look sale. Plus it covered my shoulders, and I was a bit worried about burning. Although it ended up being not too bad. This black leotard is another sale item from the Pineapple Dance Studios shop in Covent Garden, the only problem is that it's got no poppers or anything like that so it's a bit of a pain on a night out, but it's obviously made for actual dance.

These topshop shorts are a favourite of mine and I often wear them on nights out. They are super short but they're highwaisted and really comfy. Plus the spikes are a cool twist. I got these in the TopShop winter sale and although I have worn them throughout the year, they definitely looked good out in Zante.

Finally, basically the only piece of jewellery I wore all weekend, with a few other wristbands either from entry to places and stuff.

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