Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Top 5 Fake Tans for Summer!

My Top 5 Fake Tanners! This seems very suitable for summer. Also, excuse the lack of one product in the photo, need to repurchase.

fake tan bake 60 minute summer brown

60 Minute Fake Bake
I love this product, and althought the directions tell you 60mins before you are able to wash off and still see a golden tan, for me being so pale, this is not the case. I leave this product on overnight, wake up and shower and I'm all bronzed and nice. It also gives me enough colour that I don't need to apply like every day for a week to reach the darkness I want. 
It's a longlasting colour which doesn't steak and even fades in an even colour. This is definitely my number one product for tanning!

Now although I said I don't need reapplication of my fake bake, I do like to keep it topped up with a gradual tanner. It's moisturising and I need that on my skin anyway so boosting it with a little bit of tan is a boost.
This has been my go to for years, and was the first tan I ever tried, which might make me biased. But I love it so much because you can apply in a minute flat without having to be super vigilant.

 I haaaate the feeling of a fake tan on my face, it's always sticky and gross, even if a professional spray tan. So, I bought a face specific one to try and have a little bit less of a hatred to putting fake tan on my face, and I have to say, it's worked. Although I don't particularly love the feeling, I do love the result of the product and it's ten times more bearable than using my normal tanners on my face.

This tanner gives you instant colour on application so it's pretty good last minute colour for nights out, however it is super drying! This makes it harder to apply and the colour has that weird green tint. Also, after a shower it comes off straight away and I look back to my usual colour. BUT! THIS PRODUCT IS SO CHEAP! There's no way you can dislike it with what you're paying for, it's drying? Cool, put a moisturiser on. It wears off super qiuck? Oh well, at least it doesn't fade weirdly. This retails at around the £2.50 mark but changes depending on where you go. So, you can't knock it.

MISSING PICTURE :( But if you click the link below then you will be led to the website with images.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan
Unfortunately, I ran out of this last product and am saving money so won't let myself repurchase it for the minute. But this instant tanner by Rimmel is brilliant to throw on before a night out, and it has some sparkle and shimmer in it too so it evens out the skin and makes the light reflect flatteringly. It's brilliant to just throw on my legs before going out and it does set enough that it doesn't move around on the skin. The only negative I have with this is if a drink is spilled over you, you better know you will have back-to-pale splash marks all down your legs.

That's me done, I hope this post gave you a few tanning tips to keep your skin looking bronzed and lovely this summer. With these products you're guaranteed to find the best combo for you!