Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My Sample Drawer!

Now, any beauty blogger will know about the collection of sachets and travel sized samples sent to you by PR companies plus all the samples from beauty boxes like glossy box. Now what to do with those samples is a different question. Sometimes you don't want to use them as soon as you got them, or you've just found a favourite miracle product that you have that you're sticking with at the moment.

So where do you put all these products that you will eventually get round to trying?! Well for me, in a glossy box in a drawer next to the sink. Now I didn't realise until I was moving home for summertime how much I had and how unorganised it got, so here's a look for you.

Now as you can see, I have sachets, small bottles, bigger bottles and empty boxes ready to photograph for you guys. So, it's a mish mash.

That being said, it's one of my favourite things to dive into when shopping my own stash is this drawer because with things like these you don't really keep track of what you have in there. It's brilliant for pamper days where you want a facemasks and serums and to try new things. I always keep my sample skin products in here and there's a lot of the Elizabeth Arden products in there as well as all my Montagne Jeunesse masks.

where do you keep your beauty box samples to hide away your clutter? And what samples have you later bought?

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