Monday, 15 July 2013

My Bioderma Dupe!

There's no doubt that by now you would have heard of the ever raved about Bioderma, the 'water' that takes off your make up with the slightest effort without being harsh to your skin. Now, if you have heard about this you'll probably also be aware that it's known for being awkward to get your hands on. It's originally a French product and that means it's also more expensive to get shipped and stuff like that.  Well, I have a more affordable dupe!!!

I found it a while ago in Superdrug one day, it's by a brand called Une and is a water Micellar makeup remover, same as the Bioderma. The product is actually called 'Radience Refresh - Night and Day' and as you can see, mine is well loved and I'm almost out.

As soon as I bought it, my dupe alarm was going off and it was one of those moments that I was on the verge of restarting my blog. But now that I have, let me tell youa bout it.

First off, this is not strong in the sense that you can feel it on your skin like an eyemakeup remover with chemicals etc, but it is strong enough to take off my heavy makeup beautifully.

I use this every night, and if I'm in too much of a rush for a proper skincare routine I use it in the morning as a cleanser too. It says, 3 in 1 on the packaging, but I'm not really sure what the third use is. Toner maybe?

I have to admit, a lot of the time I will pair this with an eyemakeup remover just if I'm using particularly tough products to get off and even sometimes on my lips if I have a colour that stains on, i.e. my MAC Marilyn lipstick in Deeply Adored. This is something I've heard other beauty bloggers (totally wrote bbloggers like the twitter tag then) mention with the Bioderma, it just needs that little bit of assistance from an eye makeup remover to speed up the process.

Apart from that, this product is amazing! So gentle but at the same time strong enough to remove the layers of bronzer, blush, contour, concealer I have on and all my other makeup!

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