Monday, 22 July 2013

Michael Kors SPLURGE! Large Jetset Tote

So, although I'm a student, I also work a lot, and I work hard. So I pay off my rent and all other expenses when I'm paid but when I have all my responsible things taken care of, I like to treat myself. So that's exactly what I did.

Michael Kors was the instant choice for me when I wanted to go get something as a treat for myself without reaching the levels of buying a Louis or another designer that is a lot more expensive.

I'd been lusting after the Jetset totes in every colour of the rainbow, in every size, for the longest time and ended up saving up for the Large Jetset Tote in the Tan or Camel shade.

So before I get into anything else, here's some photos of it before I get into any more.

Overall Shot, which was very difficult to get a hold of. As you can see the bag is starting to age and lose it shape a teeny bit.

Close up of the MK accessory.

The lining of the bag is just as gorge as the outside.

Now, I picked the biggest possible one that that Selfridges held in stock and although I sometimes wish I hadn't when I'm trying to find my keys, as a student it is so handy. I use it to go to uni and hold all my notebooks inside but it'll also fit my laptop when I don't want to put in my big laptop carrier. Now I am a lover of big bags anyway but I didn't have one quite big enough to hold my widescreen laptop in so that's what cinched this for me. I was sick of carrying two bags to go to uni with, especially when my laptop case is not the most beautiful of items I own. As well as that,walking to uni with a bag that very clearly holds a laptop can be a little nerve wracking however, in my handbag, it's not so obvious what I have in there.

I also had my reasoning for picking the colour that I did, because it was such a splurge, I actually thought through the details. Now I went for this light brown, tanish colour, for a few reasons, I know it would go with most of my clothes and transfer the seasons, but this colour of bag is known for aging beautifully and actually getting better as it gets older. Then the most superficial reason, I already lived with one black bag that I wore everyday of my life.  

I also somehow ended up getting talked into buying the matching purse, which is also gorgeous. The leather is identical, with the same textured tan colour and the same lining too. But with this gorgeous padlock on the front that will probably get scratched rotten but still looks gorgeous.

So that's me done ranting about my new favourite bag. I hope you guys liked hearing about this and let me know if you have made a handbag splurge lately!

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