Thursday, 4 July 2013

I'm Trying....

Firstly, if there are still any people left on here who actually wait for me to post, round of applause to you!
Secondly, I'm trying to slowly come back....

Blogging was a hobby for me, and although everyone I told thought it was a bit strange at first, they soon thought it was cool when they started asking me how to do this eyeshadow and no 1, how do you make your eyebrows look like that?!!

I want to go back to it, it was fun and although I've not really done it for almost a year, it's been something that I've thought about a lot over that period of time. Blogging has given me a lot of experiences and opportunities that I've extremely enjoyed and especially if I want to go into PR in the future, it's something I want to keep up. Although university is hard work, I'm making excuses and I could make myself find time for blogging.

So hold me to this, someone shout at me if I don't post! You have my email....make me do it! haha.

I'm only kind of joking.

Now you'll have to bare with me trying to get back in the swing of things because when I was posting last year I was like a well oiled machine and had about 20 odd posts pre written before I even started anything else so I need to get back into that mindset slowly but surely. I still have lists of things I wanted to blog about so fingers crossed that list is still something I feel I can talk about and I'll be back shortly!

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