Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Top 5 Fake Tans for Summer!

My Top 5 Fake Tanners! This seems very suitable for summer. Also, excuse the lack of one product in the photo, need to repurchase.

fake tan bake 60 minute summer brown

60 Minute Fake Bake
I love this product, and althought the directions tell you 60mins before you are able to wash off and still see a golden tan, for me being so pale, this is not the case. I leave this product on overnight, wake up and shower and I'm all bronzed and nice. It also gives me enough colour that I don't need to apply like every day for a week to reach the darkness I want. 
It's a longlasting colour which doesn't steak and even fades in an even colour. This is definitely my number one product for tanning!

Now although I said I don't need reapplication of my fake bake, I do like to keep it topped up with a gradual tanner. It's moisturising and I need that on my skin anyway so boosting it with a little bit of tan is a boost.
This has been my go to for years, and was the first tan I ever tried, which might make me biased. But I love it so much because you can apply in a minute flat without having to be super vigilant.

 I haaaate the feeling of a fake tan on my face, it's always sticky and gross, even if a professional spray tan. So, I bought a face specific one to try and have a little bit less of a hatred to putting fake tan on my face, and I have to say, it's worked. Although I don't particularly love the feeling, I do love the result of the product and it's ten times more bearable than using my normal tanners on my face.

This tanner gives you instant colour on application so it's pretty good last minute colour for nights out, however it is super drying! This makes it harder to apply and the colour has that weird green tint. Also, after a shower it comes off straight away and I look back to my usual colour. BUT! THIS PRODUCT IS SO CHEAP! There's no way you can dislike it with what you're paying for, it's drying? Cool, put a moisturiser on. It wears off super qiuck? Oh well, at least it doesn't fade weirdly. This retails at around the £2.50 mark but changes depending on where you go. So, you can't knock it.

MISSING PICTURE :( But if you click the link below then you will be led to the website with images.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan
Unfortunately, I ran out of this last product and am saving money so won't let myself repurchase it for the minute. But this instant tanner by Rimmel is brilliant to throw on before a night out, and it has some sparkle and shimmer in it too so it evens out the skin and makes the light reflect flatteringly. It's brilliant to just throw on my legs before going out and it does set enough that it doesn't move around on the skin. The only negative I have with this is if a drink is spilled over you, you better know you will have back-to-pale splash marks all down your legs.

That's me done, I hope this post gave you a few tanning tips to keep your skin looking bronzed and lovely this summer. With these products you're guaranteed to find the best combo for you!

Monday, 29 July 2013

July GlossyBox Video!

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Party Fashion! (Zante Post!!)

Now, you may or may not know, that at the beginning of this summer, I went on a clubbing holiday. I hit the strip in Laganas, Zante with one of my best friends from uni and although you won't be seeing my on 'Sun, Sex, and Suspicious Parents' anytime soon, I still partied hard.

That being said, when shopping to go I didn't really know what to buy, but luckily for me, my friend had been the previous year. So, forget about all the nice clothes you'll usually take for meals out on other holidays. And the strappy heels and summer dresses. No, no. You're gonna want many denim shorts, or even hot pants, who knows!? And things that you won't object to being stained by UV paint and cheap cocktails with that bastard grenadine, that just won't come out no matter how well you stain treat your clothes.

So here's a few of my favourite outfits from my holiday, both day and night to show you my Zante or holiday clubbing fashion!

This is one of my favourite outfits, because it's so colourful and summery. These high-waisted shorts are from Primark and they go with the crop top from the Beyonce collection in H&M because they cover my stomach to the beginning of the bralet/crop top.

This leopard print crop top is from TopShop and although kinda trashy looking on its own, I love this! It can be worn with or without straps and I'm a sucker for a bit of leopard print. I loved this frayed ombre top to double as a day time pool cover up and a nighttime outfit with some denim shorts. Plus it was £4 from Primark.

These two items are both from Forever21 and I love them to peices. The shorts I bought months ago as soon as I'd booked my holiday and saved them to go away. Love them too much! Then this dip hem dress from Forever21 is the only dress I took away with me, and I just love the pattern on the front. Also, it's pretty darn short so the dress doesn't make you hot by covering you in this dark fabric. 

Now, I can't go anywhere without my black skater or circle skirt from TopShop. And at just £16 a piece I guarantee I've had my moneys worth out of it.

This tassled top from New Look was a lovely beach or pool cover up that was really cheap in the New Look sale. Plus it covered my shoulders, and I was a bit worried about burning. Although it ended up being not too bad. This black leotard is another sale item from the Pineapple Dance Studios shop in Covent Garden, the only problem is that it's got no poppers or anything like that so it's a bit of a pain on a night out, but it's obviously made for actual dance.

These topshop shorts are a favourite of mine and I often wear them on nights out. They are super short but they're highwaisted and really comfy. Plus the spikes are a cool twist. I got these in the TopShop winter sale and although I have worn them throughout the year, they definitely looked good out in Zante.

Finally, basically the only piece of jewellery I wore all weekend, with a few other wristbands either from entry to places and stuff.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Mally Beauty Review!

If you aren't familiar with Mally Beauty, please check out my How To Contour video (link) as I used their products to create that. But this is a more traditional review of two of their products. The Evercolour Poreless Face Defender*, they could have probably done with a catchier name but I'll let them off and what I thought was the Body Illuminator* but I can't seem to find anything even similar on the website which is weird.

Well lets start off with the Evercolour Poreless Face Defender*, at first sight I immediately considered this to be a primer and actually used it as such until I saw OfficialStinaD (link) make a video where she mentioned this product and how she thought it was a really unique and new generation of a powder. I was like whaaaaaaaat? It really reminds me of the consistency of the W7 matte primer* that I have with the sort of silicone type feel that I instantly associate with being to fill pores. That being said after finding the correct usage I love this! I hate the cakey feel of powder but my undereye concealer can slip a lot so I want to set it a lot of the time and this is perfect for that. I'm also not a big fan of matte looks no matter what so I just stick to it under my eyes.

It's the only type of product like this I've ever seen before in my life and it works really well. But the negatives of this product is that on my nose where I have a combination of oily and dry skin (weird I know) it can really exaggerate my pores because the product is not prepared for the dry skin. Same for my forehead. Also, the packaging is extremely inconvenient, you can't put the sponge in the packaging with the product so you have to carry round both which makes it pretty awkward especially if you just wanted a touch up halfway through the day.

Now for the Body Illuminator*, I'm not really big on this sort of product at all, but since summer's just hit I've been trying to find a use for this and I have to say if I've been fake tanning a little bit this works really well to bring it out especially across like my collar bones and that sort of shine line everyone gets down their leg. Apart from that this product isn't really that useful and you could definitely live without it but I do love how it looks on my collarbones and it's no where near as OTT and just orange as it looks in the stick form. It's actually pretty sheer when swatched (below). It smells amazing too!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My Sample Drawer!

Now, any beauty blogger will know about the collection of sachets and travel sized samples sent to you by PR companies plus all the samples from beauty boxes like glossy box. Now what to do with those samples is a different question. Sometimes you don't want to use them as soon as you got them, or you've just found a favourite miracle product that you have that you're sticking with at the moment.

So where do you put all these products that you will eventually get round to trying?! Well for me, in a glossy box in a drawer next to the sink. Now I didn't realise until I was moving home for summertime how much I had and how unorganised it got, so here's a look for you.

Now as you can see, I have sachets, small bottles, bigger bottles and empty boxes ready to photograph for you guys. So, it's a mish mash.

That being said, it's one of my favourite things to dive into when shopping my own stash is this drawer because with things like these you don't really keep track of what you have in there. It's brilliant for pamper days where you want a facemasks and serums and to try new things. I always keep my sample skin products in here and there's a lot of the Elizabeth Arden products in there as well as all my Montagne Jeunesse masks.

where do you keep your beauty box samples to hide away your clutter? And what samples have you later bought?

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Red Lips for Everyone!

Have you seen my latest video? I give you advice on red lipstick and what different ways you can wear it!
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Monday, 22 July 2013

Michael Kors SPLURGE! Large Jetset Tote

So, although I'm a student, I also work a lot, and I work hard. So I pay off my rent and all other expenses when I'm paid but when I have all my responsible things taken care of, I like to treat myself. So that's exactly what I did.

Michael Kors was the instant choice for me when I wanted to go get something as a treat for myself without reaching the levels of buying a Louis or another designer that is a lot more expensive.

I'd been lusting after the Jetset totes in every colour of the rainbow, in every size, for the longest time and ended up saving up for the Large Jetset Tote in the Tan or Camel shade.

So before I get into anything else, here's some photos of it before I get into any more.

Overall Shot, which was very difficult to get a hold of. As you can see the bag is starting to age and lose it shape a teeny bit.

Close up of the MK accessory.

The lining of the bag is just as gorge as the outside.

Now, I picked the biggest possible one that that Selfridges held in stock and although I sometimes wish I hadn't when I'm trying to find my keys, as a student it is so handy. I use it to go to uni and hold all my notebooks inside but it'll also fit my laptop when I don't want to put in my big laptop carrier. Now I am a lover of big bags anyway but I didn't have one quite big enough to hold my widescreen laptop in so that's what cinched this for me. I was sick of carrying two bags to go to uni with, especially when my laptop case is not the most beautiful of items I own. As well as that,walking to uni with a bag that very clearly holds a laptop can be a little nerve wracking however, in my handbag, it's not so obvious what I have in there.

I also had my reasoning for picking the colour that I did, because it was such a splurge, I actually thought through the details. Now I went for this light brown, tanish colour, for a few reasons, I know it would go with most of my clothes and transfer the seasons, but this colour of bag is known for aging beautifully and actually getting better as it gets older. Then the most superficial reason, I already lived with one black bag that I wore everyday of my life.  

I also somehow ended up getting talked into buying the matching purse, which is also gorgeous. The leather is identical, with the same textured tan colour and the same lining too. But with this gorgeous padlock on the front that will probably get scratched rotten but still looks gorgeous.

So that's me done ranting about my new favourite bag. I hope you guys liked hearing about this and let me know if you have made a handbag splurge lately!

Monday, 15 July 2013

My Bioderma Dupe!

There's no doubt that by now you would have heard of the ever raved about Bioderma, the 'water' that takes off your make up with the slightest effort without being harsh to your skin. Now, if you have heard about this you'll probably also be aware that it's known for being awkward to get your hands on. It's originally a French product and that means it's also more expensive to get shipped and stuff like that.  Well, I have a more affordable dupe!!!

I found it a while ago in Superdrug one day, it's by a brand called Une and is a water Micellar makeup remover, same as the Bioderma. The product is actually called 'Radience Refresh - Night and Day' and as you can see, mine is well loved and I'm almost out.

As soon as I bought it, my dupe alarm was going off and it was one of those moments that I was on the verge of restarting my blog. But now that I have, let me tell youa bout it.

First off, this is not strong in the sense that you can feel it on your skin like an eyemakeup remover with chemicals etc, but it is strong enough to take off my heavy makeup beautifully.

I use this every night, and if I'm in too much of a rush for a proper skincare routine I use it in the morning as a cleanser too. It says, 3 in 1 on the packaging, but I'm not really sure what the third use is. Toner maybe?

I have to admit, a lot of the time I will pair this with an eyemakeup remover just if I'm using particularly tough products to get off and even sometimes on my lips if I have a colour that stains on, i.e. my MAC Marilyn lipstick in Deeply Adored. This is something I've heard other beauty bloggers (totally wrote bbloggers like the twitter tag then) mention with the Bioderma, it just needs that little bit of assistance from an eye makeup remover to speed up the process.

Apart from that, this product is amazing! So gentle but at the same time strong enough to remove the layers of bronzer, blush, contour, concealer I have on and all my other makeup!

Friday, 12 July 2013

My 'signature' perfume

I have a few different perfumes that I use and repurchase regularly as well as ones I have received as a gift that I wear quite a bit also. But that being said, I have one particular perfume that I always have and it is the one that I go to all the time, like basically every day I will be wearing this scent.

This is the perfume that smells of me to people who have never used it before, and if I had to get rid of all of my perfumes but one, this would definitely be the survivor. It is Clinique Happy, the original version, I know they have a new one that's different but I've never even tried it. I've stuck with what I know here.

It's a very crisp and fresh scent that more than any other time of year, I am not found without it in spring and summer. There's also definitely a citrus tone in the scent along with some florals, although it's not extremely flowery because I can be a bit picky with overly floral scents, picking more often to go for a fruitier scent.

Since it's always so hard to explain a fragrance I've got the description from the Clinique website for you:

Clinique Happy. A hint of citrus. A wealth of flowers. A mix of emotions. A chic, modern, multi-layered floral fragrance with sparking Ruby Red Grapefruit, Boysenberry Bush Flower, and Hawaiian Wedding Flower. Fresh, bright, soft and sensual. These exotic notes have never been used before in a fragrance. 

I swear I can smell it now and it's no where near me. It's just such a beautiful crisp scent and I'm always layered with it! It's the handbag favourite for sure.

What's your favourite perfume or signature scent? And have you ever tried Clinique Happy? Let me know in the comments section!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

First Video back!

It's a bit of a crappy one but here you go:

I've had a problem with my video camera and my memory card has snapped :( so I'll be filming with my phone for the time being. and I know the quality is balls but there's no other way for me to post really.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Wimbledon: F & OOTD

I went out yesterday to watch Wimbledon with the family yesterday and we all got dressed in summer dresses to celebrate the heat wave, let's make the bloody most of it we don't get them often!

To go along with it went all out and put some shimmery makeup on with 60's eyeliner and a bit if a toned down beehive to go along with it.

Dress - New Look

Necklace - Primark

Belt - Came with a different dress.
Watch - Michael Kors

Jacket - H & M
Nail polish - Essie, Cute as a Button

Shiseido Sun Protect Foundation SPF 30
Natural Collection Cream Corrector - Fair
Illamasqua Cream Pigment - Hollow
Benefit Moon Beam Highlighter
MAC Cremecolour blush - Something Special
Urban Decay Primer Potion - Original
MAC - Patina, Mythology, Sable
HD Brows - Vamp
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner - Black
Jelly Pong Pong Fairy lashes mascara
Glossybox Lipstick - Glossy Pink

Let me know what you think of this outfit and makeup, personally I love it but feel free to tell me if you think otherwise! Comment below with all your thoughts and opinions.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Soap & Glory: The Fab Pore Facial Peel Review

The Soap and Glory Fab Pore facial peel is one if my favourite throw in the cupboard masks. I know that's not a particularly technical term but to me it makes sense, I always prefer my fresh ingredient masks that need to be in the fridge, but I also own a handful of longer lasting ones that I keep along with my skincare. 

This Soap and Glory peel is one of those masks, and although I was initially a bit afraid of using a peel on my face, it is actually a treat on my skin with no considerably noticeable tingling or any other unpleasant sensation. 

This particular peel is thick in consistency but most importantly contains small green beads, as you can see in the photo below, when these dissolve/pop they activate the mask. As you are applying the mask, the massaging motion is what causes these little beads to pop and activate the mask. However it means you really have to massage it a lot to make sure that the mask does what it's supposed to. It's also effected by the thickness of the product which just makes it a bit of a process to actually get it on. 

Once the mask is actually on it's really nice, it doesn't dry too much in the time you have it on and crack, but because of the thickness it's not a wet texture either. Also there's a sort of eucalyptus or minty cooling feeling on your skin and that is the only sort of tingling you feel.

Now, the most important hit of a face mask review, the bit that envy one really cares about...the end result. After the mask has been on for 15 minutes you wash it off in whatever way you want usually I do it in the shower, it's just a little bit easier and less messy. Afterwards you will instantly notice your skin is a lot softer and brighter than before the mask and if you use it on a regular basis you'll see it keeps your skin in this condition.

I also find my skin looks a bit plumper after this mask and it also tends to help to bring out the flaws in my skin which makes easier work for my pore strips etc. I know it's kinda gross but it's what you want from a mask.

As the name suggests, this mask is also brilliant for your pores and helps to minimise the appearance of big pores especially around your nose and cheeks. I find, especially in summer time in heat like Britain is having at the minute, my pores think that this is an invitation to double in size, and this mask keeps that in check ready for application of makeup, mist probably including benefit's porefessional. 

That's all I can think of writing at the minute but if you have any more questions feel free to ask and i'll keep track and answer you all. :)

Friday, 5 July 2013

Touche Eclat Review

It's the number one makeup staple that people have been talking about for years. The infamous YSL Touche Eclat.

I have wanted to own this product for literally years, but before getting into blogging I was always a bit stingy about buying one high-end product and then the rest can happily be a drugstore item. And although I'll still grab my bourjois and l'oreal products off the shelf and wear them day to day, it's also nice to have a bit of a treat with things like the Touche Eclat.

Originally I refused to buy it because I thought it was a lot of money for a concealer, now that was a mistake although the Touche Eclat is known as a concealer a lot of the time, it is actually a liquid highlighter. Hence 'eclat', light. Also, I underestimated the price tag with it costing only £25 for my purchase of the Touche Eclat special edition, with some funky different packaging to the sleek straight gold stick that we are used to seeing.

As you can see it's pretty cool and different, with horizontal ridges running the length of the packaging, it just gives it a bit of an edge to the rest of them and if I pull it out a lot of people don't recognise it to be a touche eclat.

This product is great for those tired days where I can't pull myself out of bed, or the days where I've hit it a bit hard the night before and have a 9am lecture. If I wake up in time to even put makeup on actually. Anyway, you're catching my drift, it's a miracle eye brightener and I love using it in what I like to think of as the kardashian eye. I doubt I even need to explain but that triangle from your under eye to nose and out.

As well as that the colour tone is beautiful with a pale pink undertone, I'm in shade 1 if you were wondering. It means that as well as being a brightening product the pinky colour cancels out any discolouration you find underneath your eyes, we've all had those bluey dark circles.

When I was matched the lady who did it told me that this shade was the most popular colour that they sold, because most people like a slightly lighter shade than their skin tone again to enhance the brightening properties.

Although I've talked a lot about it brightening it's also a beautiful highlighter for the bridge of your nose, the lack of shimmer means it doesn't look like your oily but helps you to thin your nose and make it look a million times better.

The only thing that I would say that I don't like about this product is that I have no idea how to clean it at all!!!!!! Like in the slightest, I'm pretty sure it involves witch hazel but I don't have any at the minute and it's so frustrating because I love having clean brushes. But it's okay I guess, and it wouldn't discourage me from repurchasing if I needed to because it's a beautiful product that has earned it's reputation well.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

I'm Trying....

Firstly, if there are still any people left on here who actually wait for me to post, round of applause to you!
Secondly, I'm trying to slowly come back....

Blogging was a hobby for me, and although everyone I told thought it was a bit strange at first, they soon thought it was cool when they started asking me how to do this eyeshadow and no 1, how do you make your eyebrows look like that?!!

I want to go back to it, it was fun and although I've not really done it for almost a year, it's been something that I've thought about a lot over that period of time. Blogging has given me a lot of experiences and opportunities that I've extremely enjoyed and especially if I want to go into PR in the future, it's something I want to keep up. Although university is hard work, I'm making excuses and I could make myself find time for blogging.

So hold me to this, someone shout at me if I don't post! You have my email....make me do it! haha.

I'm only kind of joking.

Now you'll have to bare with me trying to get back in the swing of things because when I was posting last year I was like a well oiled machine and had about 20 odd posts pre written before I even started anything else so I need to get back into that mindset slowly but surely. I still have lists of things I wanted to blog about so fingers crossed that list is still something I feel I can talk about and I'll be back shortly!