Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dr Jart+ Water Fuse BB Cream

I have tried a few different BB creams and always thought there were really similar to a tinted moisturiser and the boost in price between a BB cream and tinted moisturiser was just ridiculous. Then I won this Korean BB cream in a twitter competition and everything changed.

This is not your average BB cream, for a start when you put it on the back of your hand to apply the colour is really bizarre. It looks very dark and an odd tone, but as soon as you apply it and blend it on your face it matches my skin perfectly, unlike any other BB cream I've used which has kept it's colour similarly to a tinted moisturiser or foundation.

Once applied the texture on your skin is also different, it's verging on tacky and is very shiny for at least a few minutes. What I usually do is apply my eye makeup while I'm waiting for it to set, it actually specifies on the packaging that you should wait before applying blush etc. I thought this would be a problem but the feeling does fade after a while, and it doesn't make powder cling or sit in awkward patches like I thought it would, and can do with some more moisturising face products that haven't been set with a powder.

I was really impressed with the coverage of this, my skin showed through, obviously, but it easily covered any redness around my nose and chin and I only ever use the tiniest amount of concealer around my eyes. I happily use this in place of a foundation and wear it sort of day to day if I just have to pop down to reception or go and do my laundry. Especially through summer this was a must have for me and was a work staple as well, it's easily applied and lasts long what else can you want?!