Tuesday, 9 October 2012

4 OOTD! Easy Summer Dresses

This post got lost in my drafts :( You can have it now instead!!!
4 Easy Summer Dresses
I made sure that almost everything in this post was under the £50 mark and everything shown I would buy or own something similar.

H M flared dress
£30  -This is a lovely colour and this sort of fit and flare style is really flattering on my body shape, and well this blog is about me so i'm not going to tailor it just yet. I'm having fun being like I look good in this, you might too!
Miso flared dress
£28 -Just really simple and would be great for a sort of beach look. I love my straw trilby and had to pair something with it and in reality I would wear it with this sort of outfit.
Heart dress
£15 - I love cutouts!!!! They're a great trend this summer and make a dress really interesting because of that added detail. I love the colour too, it's really soft and nice with my skin tone. Thumbs up. I might actually pick this up since it's only £15.

Forever New stripe dress
£54 - This is the only thing that beat the £50 budget. DAMNIT! but look how cute, can you blame me?! I want it, badly! so adorable. Absolutely gorgeous.

Platform shoes
£12 - These are just some simple brogues. My favourite type of shoes in summer would be brogues or sandals. I love them and they just go with everything, they look so cute and quirky with a summer dress too.

Leather shoes
£28 - Love these, they're just like a pair I had a while ago but they broke. It was a heartbreaking moment but I found these on polyvore and might invest in another pair. They go with everything and they're brilliant just to throw on before you go out the door.

Thong sandals
£7.65 - I have a weird appeal to thong sandals. I've owned a few like jelly versions when that was in a few years ago. They're just cool looking and my foot feels naked!

Victoria s Secret zippered tote bag
£12 - I want to own victoria's secret items....so I'm living vicariously through the internet with this cute shopper. It's practical and simple.

Oasis cross body handbag
£22 - Tiny bag for phone, keys, and purse. Job done out we go!

Cheeky Budha envelope clutch
£14 - Weird obsession to envelope bags. I need to buy one of these cheap from ebay but I obviously couldn't find the ebay versions on polyvore.

White House Black Market set of bangle
£17 - Simple, gold, summery. Wonderful.

Black earrings
£11 - Who could possibly dislike these adorable things!

Hive Honey cuff bracelet
£17 - Really sort of big statement bracelet. Goes well with such a simple dress. 

£7.85 - LOVE IT! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I need to get a few more big cocktail rings. I only own one or two but I absolutely adore what they do to an outfit.

Oasis stitch hat
£5 - This is not as nice as my trilby, but it's the closest one I could find. Plus I got mine from Claire's accessories 2 years ago so you might not have much luck there.

Cross sandals
The price isn't listed D: You can get essentially the same things everywhere though so I nouldn't worry.

Long long post. Well, it is essentially 4 OOTD's!!!