Friday, 19 October 2012

Aveda Wishlist

This is a quick look at my Aveda wishlist. It's a brand I've never tried but always heard amazing things about so I thought I would have a look when I was handed this product guide one day while out shopping.

It's pretty interesting to me to read through the ingredients and see what I prefer and what I want to try. Another thing is the blogger favorites out of the product guide. There's a few things that are known by bloggers and they're always fun to try. So I'll let you know what I get and when and do reviews on them but this is just a quick post to see the things I like the look of from the Aveda line.
I really should never ever ever in the history of my entire life be given a product guide. It's basically a shopping catalogue to me....

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Black and Burgandy OOTD

Black & Burgandy

I saw this skirt when browsing through polyvore and i couldn't help myself from making an ootd for it! What do you guys think? I love it and black and gold is pretty much my favourite thing at the moment.

Monday, 15 October 2012

The Mother TAG!

I've had this video saved on my computer for a while but this weekend my mum came up to London to visit me and we had the most amazing weekend together so I wanted to quickly post this video for you guys. It was filmed a while ago and you can tell I'm back in Bridgend here just chilling in my garden. My Mum doesn't actually even live here anymore she recently moved so as well as remembering being back home with her it's nice to see the house too!

We had such an amazing weekend and I hope this shows you what our relationship is like. It's kind of a way of you getting to know me a little better from my childhood too!

London update video!

You're already one step ahead from my youtube and have known about my move to London for a while but I just filmed a quick update video where I talk to you guys and let you know about my change of location. You can kinda see a sneak peek of my room as well if you're interested!

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dr Jart+ Water Fuse BB Cream

I have tried a few different BB creams and always thought there were really similar to a tinted moisturiser and the boost in price between a BB cream and tinted moisturiser was just ridiculous. Then I won this Korean BB cream in a twitter competition and everything changed.

This is not your average BB cream, for a start when you put it on the back of your hand to apply the colour is really bizarre. It looks very dark and an odd tone, but as soon as you apply it and blend it on your face it matches my skin perfectly, unlike any other BB cream I've used which has kept it's colour similarly to a tinted moisturiser or foundation.

Once applied the texture on your skin is also different, it's verging on tacky and is very shiny for at least a few minutes. What I usually do is apply my eye makeup while I'm waiting for it to set, it actually specifies on the packaging that you should wait before applying blush etc. I thought this would be a problem but the feeling does fade after a while, and it doesn't make powder cling or sit in awkward patches like I thought it would, and can do with some more moisturising face products that haven't been set with a powder.

I was really impressed with the coverage of this, my skin showed through, obviously, but it easily covered any redness around my nose and chin and I only ever use the tiniest amount of concealer around my eyes. I happily use this in place of a foundation and wear it sort of day to day if I just have to pop down to reception or go and do my laundry. Especially through summer this was a must have for me and was a work staple as well, it's easily applied and lasts long what else can you want?!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

4 OOTD! Easy Summer Dresses

This post got lost in my drafts :( You can have it now instead!!!
4 Easy Summer Dresses
I made sure that almost everything in this post was under the £50 mark and everything shown I would buy or own something similar.

H M flared dress
£30  -This is a lovely colour and this sort of fit and flare style is really flattering on my body shape, and well this blog is about me so i'm not going to tailor it just yet. I'm having fun being like I look good in this, you might too!
Miso flared dress
£28 -Just really simple and would be great for a sort of beach look. I love my straw trilby and had to pair something with it and in reality I would wear it with this sort of outfit.
Heart dress
£15 - I love cutouts!!!! They're a great trend this summer and make a dress really interesting because of that added detail. I love the colour too, it's really soft and nice with my skin tone. Thumbs up. I might actually pick this up since it's only £15.

Forever New stripe dress
£54 - This is the only thing that beat the £50 budget. DAMNIT! but look how cute, can you blame me?! I want it, badly! so adorable. Absolutely gorgeous.

Platform shoes
£12 - These are just some simple brogues. My favourite type of shoes in summer would be brogues or sandals. I love them and they just go with everything, they look so cute and quirky with a summer dress too.

Leather shoes
£28 - Love these, they're just like a pair I had a while ago but they broke. It was a heartbreaking moment but I found these on polyvore and might invest in another pair. They go with everything and they're brilliant just to throw on before you go out the door.

Thong sandals
£7.65 - I have a weird appeal to thong sandals. I've owned a few like jelly versions when that was in a few years ago. They're just cool looking and my foot feels naked!

Victoria s Secret zippered tote bag
£12 - I want to own victoria's secret I'm living vicariously through the internet with this cute shopper. It's practical and simple.

Oasis cross body handbag
£22 - Tiny bag for phone, keys, and purse. Job done out we go!

Cheeky Budha envelope clutch
£14 - Weird obsession to envelope bags. I need to buy one of these cheap from ebay but I obviously couldn't find the ebay versions on polyvore.

White House Black Market set of bangle
£17 - Simple, gold, summery. Wonderful.

Black earrings
£11 - Who could possibly dislike these adorable things!

Hive Honey cuff bracelet
£17 - Really sort of big statement bracelet. Goes well with such a simple dress. 

£7.85 - LOVE IT! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I need to get a few more big cocktail rings. I only own one or two but I absolutely adore what they do to an outfit.

Oasis stitch hat
£5 - This is not as nice as my trilby, but it's the closest one I could find. Plus I got mine from Claire's accessories 2 years ago so you might not have much luck there.

Cross sandals
The price isn't listed D: You can get essentially the same things everywhere though so I nouldn't worry.

Long long post. Well, it is essentially 4 OOTD's!!!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Quick Shopping Trip!

I'm easing myself back into blogging, but a review seems too difficult in the minute. (I am in the progress of writing one, but I'm a bit out of the swing of things and it's taking me a lot longer than expected.) So, to start me off easy, we're doing a written type haul with some photos, I'm hoping that's alright with you guys.

Now that I live in London, everything is so much more central for me and I don't have to get a half hour train or order things online to get some of the more difficult to find products. Although, the one place I haven't been which will be brilliant for stuff like that is Space N.K, remind me to go! So, one of the places I've been gagging to go to has been Muji on Oxford Street, and today I finally went and bought some more acrylic storage to hold some of my makeup that was in drawers and in the big 3 drawer plastic thing I have, that I don't love. I've been finding it really hard to store all my makeup since I've moved because I don't have the need for a big makeup bag anymore so all my makeup (that I brought) lives in my storage systems and it was getting so cluttered and untidy from just being overfilled I had to admit I needed more.
So, here's a picture of my new makeup set up:
My core makeup storage is still the same of the two sets of two drawer narrow drawers but I've also got the two drawer wide drawers underneath and now a 4 section thing that's meant as a stationary holder. It's not all that much more but I can now hold all my eye products in one drawer of the wide drawers so it saves a bit of space right away.
I'm keeping the packaging and receipt just in case because I really wanted a deep drawer for all my foundations etc but they were sold out so I'll try again next week sometime and if I have too much storage I'll probably get rid of the stationary thing - technical term.

Next is some maaaakeup! First I'm going to start off with MAC. It was only two purchases but I'm so excited about one of them. MAC Marilyn has hit and I swatched EVERYTHING! I have to say I wasn't that impressed with blush, shadow etc, but the lipsticks (all I was excited about) were all amazing. I really wanted to get more than one but I don't need any more red lipstick that's the traditional bright shade and I thought it would be blasphemy to buy anything but red from a Marilyn Monroe collection.
The shade I got is called Deeply Adored, it's showing up a lot lighter on camera because of the flash but there was no daylight when I got in. It's a pretty dark almost vampy red and I looove it. I love the packaging, and I know I'll probably get bored of it soon but at the moment it's amazing and makes me very happy to look at!
I also got a 239 brush, just because there's so many times I see it used in tutorials that I felt like I needed it. I probably didn't but it's a different shape to other shader brushes I have and packs on colour better.

Finally, I picked up a few drugstore pieces. I've never used anything NYC before and it was so cheap so I thought I'd give it a shot, I also realised this summer that I don't own a white or nude eyeliner pencil and I was really shocked because I used to wear it all the tie, I have no idea what happened to it or where it went. Probably fell victim to a cull when I hadn't used it for a while, so I thought I needed one of those.
The Real Techniques Brush is an expert face brush and there will definitely be a review of that coming up soon, I've wanted one of these for so long and I love it already. The only thing is I don't know how to store it because the bottom is fatter than the top so it doesn't fit right in my brush holder and has to stand seperately. The last thing I got was a Revlon lip butter in the shade Tutti Fruitti, I've wanted MAC Morange for a while now but don't have the guts just yet so thought I would build it up with this. I love the formula for the lip butters and knew what to expect as well so it was a pretty easy decision.

Let me know if there's any reviews you's like me to do out of these products, or any blog posts in general and I'll get on it! :D

Thursday, 4 October 2012

New Video! Primark Haul

It's been a while since I've blogged, but even longer since I've posted a video. I still have a stack saved on my laptop ready to upload though so expect a few more coming soon.

 I am trying to be less useless, but I've still not got everything sorted out her, like I have no bank card at the moment because mine got lost in the post and there's been a lot of errors with my student finance as well so it's just a bit stressful at the moment and I can't just get my Mum or Dad to sort it out for me because I'm up here without them. Sorry, but I really should be back to normal soon; I feel like I say that a lot, but I do mean it!