Sunday, 9 September 2012

I made it!

I'm in London!! I made it, I'm moved in and my internet is up so expect me to become more and more active again now but I'm so sorry for mt lack of blogging and I still can't promise updates as much as I did all summer which was essentially everyday it's a bit soon for that yet haha. At least let me get done with freshers before I start making update promises.

So here's a few photos of where I'm staying to keep you satisfied. Excuse the mess but I'm not even near done with organising and not all my storage and stuff is up here yet.

My room! It's a hell of a lot bigger than I thought. And yes there is alcohol under my desk. 

A bit of home comfort....

The rest of the accommodation building.

Last but not least the view from my kitchen. It looks a million times better in person, as views always do and the camera is picking them up a bit smaller. Obviously there's the London Eye on the right about 2/3 through the photo and the spikey thing further on the left is Big Ben, and to give you perspective the chimes woke me up this morning. 

I absolutely love it here already and I've been here like just over a feels a lot longer. Yesterday was the longest day of my life by far we moved everything in and unpacked before anyone else from my flat moved in which is a bit daunting when you're then sitting and waiting for people to turn up. But I have a nice little set up and my makeup's here already which is a very good thing. 

The hardest thing now is getting used to not having all my family here with me 24/7 but it's a big change and not only am I living alone, I'm living alone in one of the biggest cities so it's all a huge deal.

Anyway enough rambling I'm going to try and stick to 3 posts a week for now until things get a bit more settled so I'll be posting again soon thank you for putting up with my flaky nature.

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