Wednesday, 1 August 2012


If you somehow hadn't noticed the huuge changes on my blog, guess what? I've got a new blog design. I'm so so happy with it, and I think it reflects me much better than my old one. It's a lot more simple and sleek while still being quirky, and the colour is my absolute favourite colour of all time!

How do you guys like it? I'm also messing around with photoshop now so I might follow in the footsteps of the wonderful emsdesigns and start making backgrounds. Well, I doubt I'll ever have the patience but what she does is amazing. A beauty blogging site who makes graphic designs for other bloggers. Absolutely love it! And it's so cheap the most expensive thing is an entire blog package with html codes for £6.50!!!! floored. That's absolutely ridiculous. Go check her out and comment below telling me what you think of the new blog!