Thursday, 2 August 2012

How To: Correctly Apply a Face Mask

Now, we've all slathered on a facemask with our fingers at one point or another but have you ever thought about all the junk that you get on your hands over the space of a day or wondered why when you go to get a facial they use a brush. Then again, I've always had my eyes closed and been too relaxed to care when I go to get a facial but you get the idea.

So, this is a teeny how to post telling you step by step how to apply a face mask and what parts of your skincare routine go where to fit around a facemask. That was a big problem for me when I first started using facemasks regularly because I just never ever cared about my skincare before hand and had only just got the hang of how my skincare should go. So here we go!

First off, cleanse your face as normal, taking special care to make sure you get rid of all traces of makeup and being really thorough. I personally love to use a hot cloth cleanser before my mask just to make sure I get a nice exfoliation and sort of help the face mask out with it's job before I even get onto that. I am using the No7 one at the minute, but the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish would work wonders. Also, I find that the heat from the cloth helps to open your pores. If I have a lot of time I'll sometimes take a clean muslin and after putting it under the hot water just lay it on top of my face and listen to some music until it cools down and then apply my facemask afterwards.

Next you apply your facemask. Contrary to my younger self's opinion, you should not apply a toner before a facemask. As well as taking away traces of dirt it leaves a residue on top of the skin that will be a barrier between the mask and your skin. So grab your face mask and a foundation brush. I use my old ELF one because it's cheap and I wouldn't be heartbroken if it got a bit messed up in the process. As long as you clean your brush as soon as you're finished applying it should be fine but I ere on caution since I paid a lot of money on brushes. For this you want a traditional flat foundation brush (the ones that look like paint brushes) rather than a buffing or stippling style foundation brush. Either dip your brush into the pot or put the product on the back of your hand and work from there. After that, I'd recommend starting from your nose and working your way outwards. You want a thin layer but I'd also say to make sure it's about 90% opaque over your entire face. It's actually a lot easier to do this with a brush because you drag the product around less than you do with your fingers.

Wait for the recommended time and make sure you clean your brush during this time, before the product can dry on the bristles. Then rinse your face and cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise as normal. I like to cleanse again because of the dirt the facemask has brought to the top of your skin and I find I break out less after a mask if I do that. I still will often break out from using a mask but don't freak out if it's a deep cleansing mask it's more likely to be all the crap already in your skin being drawn out rather than the mask reacting with your skin, but to be on the safe side use brands like Lush and Montagne Jeunesse who use natural ingredients in their products.

I hope this helped some of you and please comment below with any of your personal facial tips and tricks.