Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Favourite Product!

When I went for my makeup lesson in Bobbi Brown a few weeks ago, the assistant asked me what my favourite product of all time was. I was floored by my response. "I don't know..." Now, it's not like me to be short of an opinion, especially when it comes to makeup and beauty but I honestly have no idea what my favourite product is. If you asked me my favourite lipstick, foundation or concealer, I could tell you in a heartbeat even things I don't use as much including blush and lipgloss, I always have a favourite, but out of all of them? Absolutely stumped!

It's been really playing on my mind and I had to make a post about it because it's bothering me that much. I wanted to see if any of you guys were in the same position as me! I have access to some absolutely amazing products but my favourite out of them all? I couldn't tell you.

I keep stewing about this and as soon as I think I've picked a winner (after staring at my collection for a few hours) I remember some new amazing product!! It's so difficult but I'll definitely get back to you when I eventually figure it out. But comment below with your all time favourite products to give me some ideas. It's honestly harder than you think!