Sunday, 5 August 2012


I went to Cardiff recently and while I was there wandered through the Boots, Debenhams and HoF to find some info for you on certain brands by picking up some flyers and getting some information on brands to share with you. The first company I wanted to do this for was Clinique. I love their skincare products adn would be really interested in trying out their makeup lines so I picked up a couple things from the counter in HoF.

First off is something I'm familiar with in the Clinique line which is the skincare. They have a leaflet about the 3 step system which actually lets you keep track of which products are specifically for you. For example I have dry combination skin or a level 2 according to the Clinique system so with the skincare specialist, she can mark down all my products so I can come back next time and know exactly what I need to get. Believe it or not some people aren't sad like me and don't know the names of all the products they use off by heart. I know, I was shocked too! As well as this niftyness, there's space on the back to put precisely what your morning and night skincare systems are, so if you're really new to skincare you will be able to just look at that until you get the hang of things. Underneath it also cleverly mentions the foundations saying:
"Everything we know about skincare goes into our foundations. Let the Clinique Expert find your perfect match."
It's a pretty snazzy way of advertising, the inside also shows 'Clinique Favourites' which is mentioning things like serums and the dark spot corrector. Also, in this leaflet you see the offer for the free skincare kit when you buy two skincare items which is pretty cool. Each one is colour coded and designed for specific skin problems for example I would go with either the pores or radiance kit but there's also anti-blemish, de-aging and even one for uneven skin tone. It looks like the kits contain three deluxe samples each but I couldn't tell you personally unless I bought it. 

I also got the chubby sticks leaflet which is far less interesting. But anyway.

It shows all the shades of the chubby sticks which you can buy and lists the names with a kiss mark in a rough swatch next to it. Also, it shows which are new to the range and which are not. I must say after swatching a bunch Oversized Orange is my favourite. There's a bit of promotional writing about creating your own personalised chubby kiss on the website and more sneaky advertising by saying:
 "Chubby Loves Company. Create a whole new look for day or night."
It shows a few other products from the Clinique makeup line but the focus of this is definitely the line of the 16 chubby sticks on the back.

I hope this informed you of a few things going on in Clinique and I should be back with one of these for at least Tom Ford and Aveda, maybe more.

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