Saturday, 11 August 2012

Book Review! Lauren Conrad - Style

Since I've got some time to read lately I borrowed this from one of my friends. I was so excited to read it because it feels like it's been literally forever that I've lusted after this book but never actually picked it up.

Although, I've been making a lot more of an effort lately, I'm pretty bad with my whole 'fashion' side of things. For the last 4 years or so, I've been a big band tee and skinnies type of girl but I'm making a real go of dressing more feminine and I've been wearing a lot of dresses and more floaty things. I'm actually really proud of myself, but reading this book has helped my fashion sense immensely. I've had it from her since I finished my exams and I've really invested in getting all the 'key pieces' in my wardrobe. Sometimes it hasn't been money, more time than anything. And you wouldn't believe how many simple things you don't have that you should after reading this.

I've found the right mix of using pieces from my wardrobe a lot and making them worth the money I spent without just wearing the same outfits all the time and with little things like scarves and accessories to make it a bit different I'm actually a lot more confident in the way I dress and how I look. The hardest thing now is making sure my makeup doesn't look out of place because before I would do whatever makeup I wanted no matter what I was wearing and now that really isn't the case.

The chapters on closet organisation were actually an OCD person's dream to read. It made my life so happy to colour organise my clothing rack and although on camera it may not come up that well, trust me. It's just because I don't have that many clothes out, it is. Plus taking everything out of my really deep drawers and putting them in a much more organised fashion has made life ten times easier to put an outfit together. Now I need to pick up more hangers and hang some of my most worn tops up so when I open those drawers my lesser worn things get more attention.

I didn't really take much from the chapter on vintage, mostly because I'm not all that interested in delving into that. Although I would love it, the price tag and time consuming aspect of vintage fashion is a lot for little old me to handle. I'd rather stick to what I know and buy vintage inspired pieces. But if you want to get into vintage fashion it's a great introduction on how to wear things without making you look straight out of a costume party.

I have to say the hair and makeup chapters are a bit bleh. It might be because I know and understand a lot more about these things compared to other chapters, so what I was reading looked a bit repetitive to me. I think if you're new to hair and makeup too then it would be informative on how to do the simple basic looks everyone needs to have stocked up. I would say that her talking about colouring her hair and cutting her hair with her stylist was the most interesting to read. He pretty much said no you're not dying your hair dark and getting a bob. You want different hair, not a change in hairstyle. And it's true. If you saw my with tight curled black hair, something would be wrong. I just wouldn't look right in my own self and same with Lauren Conrad, her wavy hair wouldn't work as a bob and throwing brunette into the mix? No. It is best to enhance what you have naturally and although I understand if your hair is unmanagable, straightening systems etc are logical. Wanting to change everything about your hair because of a break-up might not be the best idea. And she explains that without being patronising.

With this book you might notice a more fashion aspect making it's way into my blog too with a few Polyvore posts here and there and a few wishlists based on clothes rather than makeup for once! Please let me know if this is something you like rather than loathe and if you do I'll try and get a more even balance of the two!