Saturday, 4 August 2012

Beau Bronz Review

I've actually run out of the entire bottle of this while testing it out. That doesn't usually happen with me. I'm gutted. I think I've finally found a fake tan that works for me and even my pale skin doesn't look stupid with it. Unfortunately I have no pictures of it on my body for you, but you've probably noticed in videos lately I look a shade or two darker. Well maybe you didn't but I swear I'm tanned!

I specifically tried out the Abi O Soft Sun Tan for English Roses* which is a softer tan for paler skin perfect for well everyone with the weather we were having up until last week, and now we all need to be instantly bronzed, buffed and beautiful. So this product is perfect for doing that while still making sure I look pretty natural and not like I have a whole heap of fake tan on. As long as I've applied it right that is. I used this product for a good few weeks simply with my hands and making sure I washed them really thoroughly afterwards and although it looked brilliant on my skin my hands didn't look all that great, I invested in a tanning mit so tested it out with multiple application methods. I think the tanning mit is more difficult because you can't feel your skin through it and feel if it's all sunken in and been properly massaged in but once you get the hang of it you can sort of see by eye. And both methods gave me an even tan the entire time and it looked so normal and not orange, I was floored.

The product itself is green tinted which although it isn't that appealing, it means your tan is that olive sort of tone rather than orange. After all, olives are green! Also, on the colour chart it cancels out orange so even if you have a different fake tanner that isn't so brilliant on underneath *ahem* garnier gradual, I'm talking to you, a layer of this on top and it looks instantly a lot more bronzed and real than it did before. It is a developing tan so it gets darker the longer you leave it on without showering, and I'm pretty sure all the others are the same but they'd obviously be a lot darker than this effect is.

Another plus about this product is that it's made with natural ingredients and the one I used is actually scented with roses - not in a 'mature' way. So it's not bad for your skin. Also, my friend is pregnant and can no longer use fake tan and because this is made with natural ingredients I recommended this to her for sure. (Although you should always check with your doctor but after asking Abi O, she says there's been nothing to suggest that it can't be used during pregnancy.)

After reaching the end of the bottle and realising I needed to repurchase it's easy to see why this product has gained such cult popularity with celebs. (see testimonials). I honestly don't think I can go back to my Sublime Bronze spray can as this is such better quality and is better value than your usual 'drugstore' fake tan too. The 50ml pot I had is around the £6 mark which matches all my other tan purchases but lasts longer and you don't need to reapply every day to even get a tan started. It also lasts pretty long even though that's the smaller size, I used about 1 pump per body part but tended to use 2 on my legs, just because that's where I wanted the darker colour and my legs are already the lightest part of me before the tan even starts. This is a test to how good it is because usually if you try and put on more then you look ridiculous and it streaks and doesn't soak into your skin evenly, but that was definitely not the case with this.

 This is genuinely the best tan I've ever used, because of my pale skin I can't usually trust a tan to look natural in it's tone and still not make me go streaky of have patches but this does...unless I did a bit of a slapdash job at it and missed spots. I've always been very aware of the fact that everyone can tell that it's fake tan I have on, but with this I don't feel stupid. One thing is that I haven't used it on my face. I like to use a face specific one because tanners can break you out, but apart from that this tan is perfect!

You can buy Beau Bronz from the website here, and you can buy the 50ml for a sort of trial run if you don't believe me!