Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Hey guys, I'm not going to pretend that all of you were waiting for me to post but I lets admit I have been pretty absent over the past week but can you blame me?

If you're not aware through my twitter ranting....IT'S OFFICIAL! I'm moving to London in 1 week. AHHHH.
I'm so happy that I finally got my results and I know for sure, but it has meant that I've been hugely busy over this past week trying to get all my stuff together ready to go. I have like no stuff ready to live on my own because I obviously use all my mums. All in all, there's a lot of stuff to get and not too much time or money to do it.
I've sort of completely thrown myself into all uni related stuff when I'm not working, which isn't a big amount of time. But I move next Friday and I should be settled in with internet by Sunday so I will start posting again then! I do have some pre recorded videos that are going to be going up soon just to save some time but still get you up to date.

Another side note i recently hit 100 subscribers on youtube and I'm absolutely floored by you guys, that was such a huge goal for me and although it's a minuscule amount compared to a lot of youtubers it's still amazing for me. I'm so blessed to have you guys, sincerely thank you for spending your time reading this and watching me ramble at a camera.
LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I'll be back soon. xxxx

Friday, 17 August 2012

Natural Hair

Since my 'New Hair' post a few months back the texture of my hair has changed a lot. It's a lot healthier and with that my normal hair structure is coming back. It's a lot lot more wavier than I remember so I thought I'd just show you. I love knowing the ins and outs of bloggers beauty regimes and love it when I get a surprise about natural hair colour or what they look like with no makeup etc. So, maybe you'll like being as nosy as I am.

Also, how cute is that dress!?!?!! Absolutely a go-to for any summer days where I'm not hiding from the heat with tissues and hayfever tablets.

That's it for today. Have any of you guys noticed changes in your hair hand in hand with how healthy it is?

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Today is the day of my A level results. I am about to poop my pants with nervousness but I'll let you guys know how I did in a post soon but if you follow my twitter (here) then you'll see I'll tweet about it at some point today. This is what guarantees me getting out of my little town and into university in London. So if I don't get the grades I need, all my dedication about moving away will be for nothing.

Also, the next few days will consist of cop out posts because I'm going to have a large hangover.
WISH ME LUCK! ....I'm going to need it.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


A while ago I made a post about the system in Lush where you take back 5 pots and get a free face mask, that was really popular post with a lot of people asking me questions about how it worked.

So, my last trip to Cardiff had me doing the same thing but in MAC with their Back-2-MAC scheme. If you take back 6 packages, you get a free lipstick, lipgloss or shadow. However this only works in the stand alone shops, in the stands in places like Debenhams they're narrowed down to lipstick or lipglass - I think. Best thing is the packaging doesn't have to be empty. So if you don't like a product, don't throw it out!!!!

I got the lipstick in the shade Snob it's this really nice pale pink. It sort of has shades of lilac in it too and although that can make it hard to wear on some skin tones it's still a really gorgeous colour and if it suits you, go for it! I love it as a sort of splash of colour with a really neutral face.

It's a really nice soft lipstick and isn't drying in the slightest. Although most of the MAC lipstick aren't, some, including Russian Red can flake your lips and make you feel like you need some gloss! Fully pigmented and opaque in one or two slides across your lips. Absolutely great colour!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


If you hadn't already noticed, somewhere along the left hand side there is now a little follow me with bloglovin' button! I know some people don't like the gfc follow thing and how it works and I personally use bloglovin' to catch up on all my blogs so it just made sense to connect my blog with it and let you guys follow me on it.  Please go check me out on there and if you read blogs but only by going on their sites, I'd definitely recommend joining so you can keep track of what you want to read without forgetting anything and they can all be there on one site. All in all, thumbs up! :D

If you click on that button it'll take you straight to the site so I own't link it again in here. Seems a bit pointless.

Plus, let me know if there's any other sites like bloglovin' that I should look at.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

OOTD feat Wynsors Shoes

Keeping in line with my post on the Lauren Conrad Style book yesterday and my revelation that I do have a fashion sense, I thought I'd do a really girly, summery outfit of the day for you today! I absolutely adore this outfit, I feel so feminine and I always want to spin in circles when I wear this flowy skirt!

Bracelets: H&M 
Wooden banggles are sort of a recurring love hate with me. Sometimes I'm like uch, no and other days I couldn't think of anything more perfect to go with an outfit.

Necklace: Gift - Vintage shop.
It sets to two times so that you can keep an eye on friends and family who live far away. It was a really thoughtful gift because I'm moving away in September so even though I won't be in a different time zone it'll see be a nice reminder.
Belt: Primark
This belt comes in a set of three with a black and cream belt too, it was £3 for the lot and they're really nice things to compliment an outfit. Couldn't resist!

Shoes: Wynsors*
These gladiator style sandals are my new go to shoes. I wear them with jeans, shorts and skirts. I like that the straps come further up than most, it gives a more edgy feel. The beading down the front is brilliant for adding colour too, especially if you're anything like me and you're useless at wearing anything but white, black and denim.

Vest: New Look
This was £2.50 I think. Just something everyone needs. I wore it so that it wouldn't take attention away from the rest of the outfit.

Skirt: Ebay
Such a great find, but unfortunately they were all sold out of other colours. I really wanted a peachy corally one but they had all been snatched up. That's the only problem with ebay shopping. But this was around the £3 mark, with £1 max on shipping. I literally typed in chiffon hi-low skirt and it was filled with sellers of the same items. I'd recommend buy now rather than auction because usually they're the ebay 'businesses' when buying second hand can be a bit more risky/

Just a close up of the shoes which shows the beading work better. How adorable?!

What I did to my hair. I love this hair style. Natural curls with a plait put through it. Really simple but glam at the same time.

Earings: New Look
Same colour as my skirt and sticks to the feminine vibe of the outfit

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Book Review! Lauren Conrad - Style

Since I've got some time to read lately I borrowed this from one of my friends. I was so excited to read it because it feels like it's been literally forever that I've lusted after this book but never actually picked it up.

Although, I've been making a lot more of an effort lately, I'm pretty bad with my whole 'fashion' side of things. For the last 4 years or so, I've been a big band tee and skinnies type of girl but I'm making a real go of dressing more feminine and I've been wearing a lot of dresses and more floaty things. I'm actually really proud of myself, but reading this book has helped my fashion sense immensely. I've had it from her since I finished my exams and I've really invested in getting all the 'key pieces' in my wardrobe. Sometimes it hasn't been money, more time than anything. And you wouldn't believe how many simple things you don't have that you should after reading this.

I've found the right mix of using pieces from my wardrobe a lot and making them worth the money I spent without just wearing the same outfits all the time and with little things like scarves and accessories to make it a bit different I'm actually a lot more confident in the way I dress and how I look. The hardest thing now is making sure my makeup doesn't look out of place because before I would do whatever makeup I wanted no matter what I was wearing and now that really isn't the case.

The chapters on closet organisation were actually an OCD person's dream to read. It made my life so happy to colour organise my clothing rack and although on camera it may not come up that well, trust me. It's just because I don't have that many clothes out, it is. Plus taking everything out of my really deep drawers and putting them in a much more organised fashion has made life ten times easier to put an outfit together. Now I need to pick up more hangers and hang some of my most worn tops up so when I open those drawers my lesser worn things get more attention.

I didn't really take much from the chapter on vintage, mostly because I'm not all that interested in delving into that. Although I would love it, the price tag and time consuming aspect of vintage fashion is a lot for little old me to handle. I'd rather stick to what I know and buy vintage inspired pieces. But if you want to get into vintage fashion it's a great introduction on how to wear things without making you look straight out of a costume party.

I have to say the hair and makeup chapters are a bit bleh. It might be because I know and understand a lot more about these things compared to other chapters, so what I was reading looked a bit repetitive to me. I think if you're new to hair and makeup too then it would be informative on how to do the simple basic looks everyone needs to have stocked up. I would say that her talking about colouring her hair and cutting her hair with her stylist was the most interesting to read. He pretty much said no you're not dying your hair dark and getting a bob. You want different hair, not a change in hairstyle. And it's true. If you saw my with tight curled black hair, something would be wrong. I just wouldn't look right in my own self and same with Lauren Conrad, her wavy hair wouldn't work as a bob and throwing brunette into the mix? No. It is best to enhance what you have naturally and although I understand if your hair is unmanagable, straightening systems etc are logical. Wanting to change everything about your hair because of a break-up might not be the best idea. And she explains that without being patronising.

With this book you might notice a more fashion aspect making it's way into my blog too with a few Polyvore posts here and there and a few wishlists based on clothes rather than makeup for once! Please let me know if this is something you like rather than loathe and if you do I'll try and get a more even balance of the two!

Friday, 10 August 2012

July GlossyBox!

Oh bloopers, this was the first time I've really messed up while filming. I've probably cursed myself, expect more when I mess up! I hope you find my stupidity amusing! Made the size bigger because for some reason when embedded my videos have a frame, you can click from there to go onto my youtube page if it bothers you though. :)

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

La Roche Posay Review

I recently caved and bought the La Roche Posay Astringent Lotion Micro-Exfolliant (such a mouthful) for £11 after I've heard such great things about the brand as a whole and I needed a new toner so I wanted to try it out.

I definitely would consider this a toner although nothing on the packaging says that exactly. It's supposed to be used inbetween cleansing and moisturising and works to get rid of the layer of dead skin sitting on top of the healthy nice skin that you want everyone to see!

I throw this on a cotton pad every night and I only need the tiniest amount to cover my whole face, first few times I used it I used too much and it smelled so strong and felt like it was burning my eyes because it's so potent. But now that I'm used to it I know without thinking the perfect amount it takes to cover my face without being overpowering. That being said, it is very strong so I do only use it at night as I think morning and night would really dry out my already dry skin.

The main selling point of this is the pore reducing qualities and although I wouldn't say it's made a huge difference, I do think there is a difference. This is going to get a bit gross so brace yourself, but my pores and blackheads seem to be sort of emptying themselves with this, and although that means a whitehead (not necessarily spot, literally a whitehead that'll dissapear with exfolliation or by extracting - do it properly people!!!) or two but apart from that I find my blackheads aren't as deep and as soon as their empty, the pore begins to tighten back up around them. This was my major problem, a blackhead would leave a huge pore behind it which led to another blackhead and another and another. So, don't expect to look like you have no pores at all and have been completely airbrushed with this but with time and regular use I do see a difference.

I put this through it's paces as a toner and exfoliant when I had a major reaction all over my face after overloading it with too many new products and E45 cream, yes shout at me. I wasn't aware that this would mean major issues to my skin. I've used it in the past as a super moisturiser - similarly to how I have with sudacreme - and when my skin got uber dry after a change in hot weather I used it. Then I had the problem of removing all the overstimulated skin cells that gave me scaley face. I have to say, it lived up to the challenge and within 3-4 days my skin was basically back to normal with a patch or two or still effected skin in areas that were already drier than everywhere else.

Although, there is a big downside to this product. It contains the active ingredient Alcohol Denat which can cause major allergic reactions to some skin and can also trigger acne prone skin and make it worse, giving cystic acne etc. The reviews on this product are very hit and miss some people love it and others think it is the satan. I'm not even joking. It's all that extreme. Then there are one or two out of the many strongly opinionated people who are on the fence and say it makes no difference to their skin. But that's the problem with skincare what works for me may not necessarily be appropriate for you.

As a side note, I think it's very similar to my Clinique Clarifying Lotion that I've had a sample for lately, funnily enough the Boots website describes it as a clarifying lotion also. If you sub to my channel you'll see my Summer Favourites coming up and I talk more in detail of my samples of the 3-step-system and the bad skin troubles I briefly mentioned earlier.


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Favourite Product!

When I went for my makeup lesson in Bobbi Brown a few weeks ago, the assistant asked me what my favourite product of all time was. I was floored by my response. "I don't know..." Now, it's not like me to be short of an opinion, especially when it comes to makeup and beauty but I honestly have no idea what my favourite product is. If you asked me my favourite lipstick, foundation or concealer, I could tell you in a heartbeat even things I don't use as much including blush and lipgloss, I always have a favourite, but out of all of them? Absolutely stumped!

It's been really playing on my mind and I had to make a post about it because it's bothering me that much. I wanted to see if any of you guys were in the same position as me! I have access to some absolutely amazing products but my favourite out of them all? I couldn't tell you.

I keep stewing about this and as soon as I think I've picked a winner (after staring at my collection for a few hours) I remember some new amazing product!! It's so difficult but I'll definitely get back to you when I eventually figure it out. But comment below with your all time favourite products to give me some ideas. It's honestly harder than you think!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

OOTD - Jeffery Campbell Litas from Wynsors.

Calm in Coral
So, I mentioned that I'm trying to involve more fashion to my blog so here's my OOTD made on polyvore. Let me know what you think. Personally I like my blog to be a little bit more visual and want to include more pictures etc. Do you like this post or would you rather include all the links and information on where to buy too? It's a bit hit and miss for me so comment letting me know your preferences. After all, your my readers and I want to do what I can to make you happy!

I have a new pair of beige Lita dupes from Wynsors Shoes * that I love but I was finding a little hard to style so I thought if I sat down and played around on polyvore I would find a brilliant outfit to go with them. Now I just need to buy everything else from this set and I'll be fine! Only kidding...kinda.

I also couldn't help keeping a little bit of makeup out of this!

Expect an actual OOTD including these shoes soon!! Actual link to shoes rather than site, here.

Sunday, 5 August 2012


I went to Cardiff recently and while I was there wandered through the Boots, Debenhams and HoF to find some info for you on certain brands by picking up some flyers and getting some information on brands to share with you. The first company I wanted to do this for was Clinique. I love their skincare products adn would be really interested in trying out their makeup lines so I picked up a couple things from the counter in HoF.

First off is something I'm familiar with in the Clinique line which is the skincare. They have a leaflet about the 3 step system which actually lets you keep track of which products are specifically for you. For example I have dry combination skin or a level 2 according to the Clinique system so with the skincare specialist, she can mark down all my products so I can come back next time and know exactly what I need to get. Believe it or not some people aren't sad like me and don't know the names of all the products they use off by heart. I know, I was shocked too! As well as this niftyness, there's space on the back to put precisely what your morning and night skincare systems are, so if you're really new to skincare you will be able to just look at that until you get the hang of things. Underneath it also cleverly mentions the foundations saying:
"Everything we know about skincare goes into our foundations. Let the Clinique Expert find your perfect match."
It's a pretty snazzy way of advertising, the inside also shows 'Clinique Favourites' which is mentioning things like serums and the dark spot corrector. Also, in this leaflet you see the offer for the free skincare kit when you buy two skincare items which is pretty cool. Each one is colour coded and designed for specific skin problems for example I would go with either the pores or radiance kit but there's also anti-blemish, de-aging and even one for uneven skin tone. It looks like the kits contain three deluxe samples each but I couldn't tell you personally unless I bought it. 

I also got the chubby sticks leaflet which is far less interesting. But anyway.

It shows all the shades of the chubby sticks which you can buy and lists the names with a kiss mark in a rough swatch next to it. Also, it shows which are new to the range and which are not. I must say after swatching a bunch Oversized Orange is my favourite. There's a bit of promotional writing about creating your own personalised chubby kiss on the website and more sneaky advertising by saying:
 "Chubby Loves Company. Create a whole new look for day or night."
It shows a few other products from the Clinique makeup line but the focus of this is definitely the line of the 16 chubby sticks on the back.

I hope this informed you of a few things going on in Clinique and I should be back with one of these for at least Tom Ford and Aveda, maybe more.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Beau Bronz Review

I've actually run out of the entire bottle of this while testing it out. That doesn't usually happen with me. I'm gutted. I think I've finally found a fake tan that works for me and even my pale skin doesn't look stupid with it. Unfortunately I have no pictures of it on my body for you, but you've probably noticed in videos lately I look a shade or two darker. Well maybe you didn't but I swear I'm tanned!

I specifically tried out the Abi O Soft Sun Tan for English Roses* which is a softer tan for paler skin perfect for well everyone with the weather we were having up until last week, and now we all need to be instantly bronzed, buffed and beautiful. So this product is perfect for doing that while still making sure I look pretty natural and not like I have a whole heap of fake tan on. As long as I've applied it right that is. I used this product for a good few weeks simply with my hands and making sure I washed them really thoroughly afterwards and although it looked brilliant on my skin my hands didn't look all that great, I invested in a tanning mit so tested it out with multiple application methods. I think the tanning mit is more difficult because you can't feel your skin through it and feel if it's all sunken in and been properly massaged in but once you get the hang of it you can sort of see by eye. And both methods gave me an even tan the entire time and it looked so normal and not orange, I was floored.

The product itself is green tinted which although it isn't that appealing, it means your tan is that olive sort of tone rather than orange. After all, olives are green! Also, on the colour chart it cancels out orange so even if you have a different fake tanner that isn't so brilliant on underneath *ahem* garnier gradual, I'm talking to you, a layer of this on top and it looks instantly a lot more bronzed and real than it did before. It is a developing tan so it gets darker the longer you leave it on without showering, and I'm pretty sure all the others are the same but they'd obviously be a lot darker than this effect is.

Another plus about this product is that it's made with natural ingredients and the one I used is actually scented with roses - not in a 'mature' way. So it's not bad for your skin. Also, my friend is pregnant and can no longer use fake tan and because this is made with natural ingredients I recommended this to her for sure. (Although you should always check with your doctor but after asking Abi O, she says there's been nothing to suggest that it can't be used during pregnancy.)

After reaching the end of the bottle and realising I needed to repurchase it's easy to see why this product has gained such cult popularity with celebs. (see testimonials). I honestly don't think I can go back to my Sublime Bronze spray can as this is such better quality and is better value than your usual 'drugstore' fake tan too. The 50ml pot I had is around the £6 mark which matches all my other tan purchases but lasts longer and you don't need to reapply every day to even get a tan started. It also lasts pretty long even though that's the smaller size, I used about 1 pump per body part but tended to use 2 on my legs, just because that's where I wanted the darker colour and my legs are already the lightest part of me before the tan even starts. This is a test to how good it is because usually if you try and put on more then you look ridiculous and it streaks and doesn't soak into your skin evenly, but that was definitely not the case with this.

 This is genuinely the best tan I've ever used, because of my pale skin I can't usually trust a tan to look natural in it's tone and still not make me go streaky of have patches but this does...unless I did a bit of a slapdash job at it and missed spots. I've always been very aware of the fact that everyone can tell that it's fake tan I have on, but with this I don't feel stupid. One thing is that I haven't used it on my face. I like to use a face specific one because tanners can break you out, but apart from that this tan is perfect!

You can buy Beau Bronz from the website here, and you can buy the 50ml for a sort of trial run if you don't believe me!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Makeup Wishlist #1

Makeup Wishlist #1

Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette
Because well...who doesn't want this? IT's a perfect neutral palette that would be a great addition to my collection. And I actually think this version would suit my skin tone more.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
If I own number 1, it'll be a matter of time before I cave and buy number 2 as well. Just please lord don't let them bring out a 3. The foundation is tempting enough.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
I have minis of this from my deluxe shadow box and my NYC palette but I'd love a full size in the new packaging that doesn't waste a heap tonne!

Teint Touche Eclat Foundation
I recently bought the Touche Eclat and the lady in YSL gave me a 7-day-trial of the foundation and it's beautiful. I really badly want it.

Clinique Even Better Foundation
This is the typical influenced type of purchase, I want it because pixi2woo (link) uses this in a lot of her tutorials. I do really want to try out some Clinique makeup products too though so I guess I could blame that?

MAC Morange
I love MAC lipsticks and I've always wanted to buy this and I just don't have the courage because I'm scared I won't wear it. Even though I pack orange eyeshadow over my Russian Red to give it an orange tone.

MAC Viva Glam Nicki
This is a lot like St Germain so I should just buy that but nope! Have to have  the exact shade.

MAC Myth
I used to own this and it was the perfect shade for a nude lip without washing me out and I lost it for months I couldn't find it and one day it turned back up. So I got excited and wore it out to a party that night and left it at said party. I never got it back. :( 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
Just pure curiosity, the hype around these is so huge that i just want to see what's so good about them!

Benefit Coralista
This is a gorgeous colour and I've swatched it a few times and I can never bring myself to part with the blumin' £23 it costs! Even for me, that's a lot for a blush. And I know what you're going to say, "but Bethan, it has twice the product!" I  know. Which makes it worse, because I doubt I'll ever be able to use it all!

Nars Laguna Bronzer
Again, just the hype. But also Millie Mackintosh wears this alllll the time and I love her. If you are in the US or anywhere else that doesn't have the ability to watch Made In Chelsea, google her! She's absolutely gorgeous.

Essie Mojito Madness
Half for the name, half for the colour. I really love the vibrancy of this but also, it sounds so cool when you say your polish is called Mojito madness!

So, that's it...well, that's it for now. There are plenty more things I want to buy but I couldn't fit them on this thing! This post was made through polyvore, so let me know what you think of this sort of thing!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

How To: Correctly Apply a Face Mask

Now, we've all slathered on a facemask with our fingers at one point or another but have you ever thought about all the junk that you get on your hands over the space of a day or wondered why when you go to get a facial they use a brush. Then again, I've always had my eyes closed and been too relaxed to care when I go to get a facial but you get the idea.

So, this is a teeny how to post telling you step by step how to apply a face mask and what parts of your skincare routine go where to fit around a facemask. That was a big problem for me when I first started using facemasks regularly because I just never ever cared about my skincare before hand and had only just got the hang of how my skincare should go. So here we go!

First off, cleanse your face as normal, taking special care to make sure you get rid of all traces of makeup and being really thorough. I personally love to use a hot cloth cleanser before my mask just to make sure I get a nice exfoliation and sort of help the face mask out with it's job before I even get onto that. I am using the No7 one at the minute, but the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish would work wonders. Also, I find that the heat from the cloth helps to open your pores. If I have a lot of time I'll sometimes take a clean muslin and after putting it under the hot water just lay it on top of my face and listen to some music until it cools down and then apply my facemask afterwards.

Next you apply your facemask. Contrary to my younger self's opinion, you should not apply a toner before a facemask. As well as taking away traces of dirt it leaves a residue on top of the skin that will be a barrier between the mask and your skin. So grab your face mask and a foundation brush. I use my old ELF one because it's cheap and I wouldn't be heartbroken if it got a bit messed up in the process. As long as you clean your brush as soon as you're finished applying it should be fine but I ere on caution since I paid a lot of money on brushes. For this you want a traditional flat foundation brush (the ones that look like paint brushes) rather than a buffing or stippling style foundation brush. Either dip your brush into the pot or put the product on the back of your hand and work from there. After that, I'd recommend starting from your nose and working your way outwards. You want a thin layer but I'd also say to make sure it's about 90% opaque over your entire face. It's actually a lot easier to do this with a brush because you drag the product around less than you do with your fingers.

Wait for the recommended time and make sure you clean your brush during this time, before the product can dry on the bristles. Then rinse your face and cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise as normal. I like to cleanse again because of the dirt the facemask has brought to the top of your skin and I find I break out less after a mask if I do that. I still will often break out from using a mask but don't freak out if it's a deep cleansing mask it's more likely to be all the crap already in your skin being drawn out rather than the mask reacting with your skin, but to be on the safe side use brands like Lush and Montagne Jeunesse who use natural ingredients in their products.

I hope this helped some of you and please comment below with any of your personal facial tips and tricks.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Vampire Diaries TAG

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If you somehow hadn't noticed the huuge changes on my blog, guess what? I've got a new blog design. I'm so so happy with it, and I think it reflects me much better than my old one. It's a lot more simple and sleek while still being quirky, and the colour is my absolute favourite colour of all time!

How do you guys like it? I'm also messing around with photoshop now so I might follow in the footsteps of the wonderful emsdesigns and start making backgrounds. Well, I doubt I'll ever have the patience but what she does is amazing. A beauty blogging site who makes graphic designs for other bloggers. Absolutely love it! And it's so cheap the most expensive thing is an entire blog package with html codes for £6.50!!!! floored. That's absolutely ridiculous. Go check her out and comment below telling me what you think of the new blog!