Sunday, 8 July 2012

Wake Me Up Foundation Review!

I caved. I've been looking at buying this foundation foreeeeevveeeerrrr from it being on the Made in Chelsea sponser ads to it's first release, I haven't been able to escape this foundation. When the blogging world jumped on the bandwagon and everyone started talking about the glitter visible in the bottle, I fell totally and utterly for the hype and finally picked it up!

I got it about a month ago now but by the time I've tested it out properly it's taken this amount of time. I haven't just been awol from my blog, I've been awol from beauty in general! But now that I'm back I've used this for the last week, even if I wasn't really going anywhere or doing anything just to get a strong sense of the product overall. Now although it's a drugstore foundation, don't write it off as not competing with the higher end products because the quality is just as good in my opinion and when you factor in the price you can't pick holes because it's simply not a good enough brand. Well you can, but you'd be daft.

The packaging is bright orange - one of my favourite colours - with a heavy glass bottle. The whole thing feels more expensive than it is with an RRP of £8.99 (I got it for £6.99). On first application the whole thing felt a bit gel-like and I wasn't sure about it until I completely blended it all in and let it sink for 2-3 minutes and oh god. It's a brand new favourite. It just left my skin looking utterly flawless and doll like. The entire of my face looked dewy and short of had a sheen but without being too greasy looking. It turns out, that it also holds pretty well and didn't slide off my face during the day. I was really impressed and it fast became my staple for going out or whenever I wore foundation really.

I'm in the shade Ivory, which is possibly half a shade too dark but since it's summer I've started the fake tan process and it's blending a lot better now. I honestly love it and would recommend it to anyone; as long as you don't have oily skin that breaks down foundation easily it will be great for you too! It's definitely on the dewy side and if you don't like that, this isn't the foundation to go with. I have a feeling even if you powdered it down, it wouldn't ever make a 'matte' finish unless you ended up totally cakey.

After looking at a few reviews I've obviously heard about the glitter that's visible in the bottle if you shine it under a strong light, but I can safely say even if you're heavy handed it's not going to turn you into a glitter ball. The only time I've ever been able to see the glitter is when it dried out on the back of my hand from where I pumped it on my hand first and you could still only see the glitter in like the creases of my hand where it had gathered. So, if that's putting you off this foundation, don't let it!

The only time I've been let down by this foundation is on a night out, and in person it looked just as unbelievable as ever but the SPF included didn't show up so great on camera, especially with flash involved. But that's my own fault, I knew it had SPF and I knew there would be flash photography. Didn't even cross my mind to use anything else....Oops!