Monday, 2 July 2012

TopShop Nails Review

I was kindly sent a selection of 5 different nail polishes from TopShop's new makeup/beauty line. These Nails by TopShop polishes are getting the most hype out of all their products in the beauty line, especially with in the online beauty community. This is because of the interesting variations on classic colours and a whole host of unbelievably original, unusual polishes. They're really worth the hype and after testing out all of the polishes I was sent I can safely say all of them are of great quality and deserving of all the attention.

Underneath the cut is photos and detailed reviews of all the colours I tried.

Although it's not 100% true to colour on camera, I've never heard a more perfect name for a nailpolish. This shade literally looks like the scales on a tail of a mermaid. The green/blue/grey metalic with holographic glitter and normal glitter in different sizes is exactly the type of thing I was talking about when I mentioned the original, unusual polishes. It's really long lasting and the glitter in different sizes grips to the nail really well so you don't need to worry about chipping. Also, it's sooo opaque, one coat is definitely  enough to give the effect of the polish but if you do two coats it just looks even more breathtaking. Although it's unusual, it's not garish and is easily wearable with whatever you want to put on. This is a go to for me at the moment especially cause it stays on so long. But the downside to that is if you want to take it off, expect a fight it's pretty touch to remove and even when it's off the glitter sticks to your hand around the nail.

A gorgeous classic royal blue with blue shimmer through it. This is a lovely colour and I recieved the most compliments about this polish over any other. I wore it in a video and had a few questions about my nail polish too. It's just a really classic colour that dresses up everything and makes you look really classy. Also, it's a perfect colour for all skin tones, because some nail varnish is bad for certain skin tones. The glitter also makes it look shinier than it is, they're not overly obvious but where the light catches, they reflect making it look shinier than before. Again the glitter makes it long lasting but is awkward to take off. That will be my only complaint about most of these polishes.

Marine Scene
This is one of my new summer favourites! It might just be a bright turquoise but it's like the perfect colou and it's so shiny and glossy, it's just perfect when you have a tan and you're going to the beach. It adds a certain element of fun as well and one of my friends is determined to steal this polish from me because it's so fun to look at! This is actually reallly good for when you're in a bad mood, first off painting your nails and relaxing cheers me up anyway and the fact that it's just such a fun cheery colour, it helps to make you be like okay forget all the drama it's summer let's have fun! This stains your skin like hell when you take it off though, it's really noticeable.

Causing a Stir
I was so excited by this colour when I got it but I have to say it's the only one that really let me down. It's not as opaque as the other colours and it just didn't live up to what I wanted. I had to wear a white base underneath the polish and put on 3-4 coats to get a decent finish but even then, it's missing the same creaminess and vibrancy that the other colours had. Genuinely not impressed. This picture is probably the best application I ever got from it.

This was the one to try for me! I've had so many pale polishes over the years and none of them really cut it, they're always streaky and thin so as soon as I got this package I tested out this thinking, if this was bad that would be my marker to go around. But I was so impressed!! The thick consistency teamed with a white base makes this colour wearable with just one coat although any other bases and two are needed. This is again an unusual colour, it's like an extremely pale pink with lilac undertones. I think it's very sort of 'edgy' and whenever I wear it I want to wear my cross ring that goes over 3 fingers. 

All in all, the quality of the polish was outstanding and at £6 a pop, I'd say that's not half bad, and I'm sure you'll find a good few dupes in the collection of some high end must have polishes. I'm sure there's a dupe of mint candy apple by Essie somewhere in the collection. There's everything from nudes to brights and some things in between so I'd definitely say pop to your local Topshop and bye some or look online here. One last thing, the packaging is so utterly adorable and looks just as cute as the polish contained inside. The writing on the front sort of reminds me of the font on my blog which is nice and the imperfect polka dots with white bits from where they haven't been coloured in properly adds to the charm. I can give a few good words about the makeup too, I recently bought a cream coral blush and it's gorgeous.