Friday, 13 July 2012

Top 10: Nail Polishes

This is subject to change in an hour or so but here's my current Top 10 favourite nail polishes!

1. Mermaid - TopShop Nails. If you haven't seen my Topshop review, go check it out here. I love this polish because it's just so unique. Currently on my nails.

 2. Samantha - SATC. Embodiment of the perfect red nail.

3. The magenta Purple - Ted Baker Nail kit. (bottom left). Lovely colour to throw on, with a really nice consistancy. Thumbs up.

4. WaterLilly - Topshop.This is just such an edgy colour while still being feminine. The photo really doesn't do it any justice though.

5. Mint Candy Apple - Essie. This colour has a lot of hype for a reason. Really lovely colour...and very summery!

6. Barry M - Mushroom. This was one of the first dupes for Chanel Particuliere, which had insaaaaaaaaaaaaaane hype around it. It was so difficult to get hold of - even for celebs - and so expensive that everyone wanted it! Although the greige trend is sort of done, I still like it and it's great for something neutral.

7. Significant Other Colour - OPI. This is my first and only OPI polish and I really need to try out some others if this is how good they all are.

8. Champagne - ELF. Something cheap and cheerful for you all. This is perfect for serial nail biters. It helps stop you biting and makes your nails look longer than they are so gives you extra willpower.

9. Orchid St - Nails Inc. This is pretty similar to the Ted Baker colour, but with more of a purple base. This is my summer colour from last year so it had to make the list! It was a limited edition colour from Kings of Neon and now Orchid St seems to be a glittery deep red. Sorry guys!

10. Ballet Slippers - Essie. (far left) This is a lovely natural pink that can either be opaque or a french manicure colour. 

That's it for my top ten, what are your favourite nail polishes?