Saturday, 14 July 2012

Top 10: Lip Products

If you haven't guessed, this is a little mini series. Only 1/2 more. But for now, lip products, again it's probably going to change with new purchases etc.

1. Russian Red - MAC. This is a matte finish lipstick and can be a bit drying but it looks amazing. Favourite red lip I've ever had.

2. Marvelips - Soap and Glory. I honestly have no idea what the exact colour I have is but I had this for a xmas present in a setwith Sexy Mother Pucker in Pink Apricot and the combination of these two is my absolute fave!

3. Tasty Tracy - Silly Lips. Firstly, I'm all about vintage 40/50 style so the packaging made me love it but when it turned out they were really good I was even more impressed. This lives in my handbag and anytime I have severely dry lips from the air conditioning in work this fixes it within an hour or two.

4. Honey Love - MAC. If you read my makeup in the description of my videos you'll almost always see this. This was another xmas present and although I would have never picked it out for myself, I absolutely love it!

5. VooDoo - ELF. This on first application is like meh but when it's soaked in it's really complimentary to my skin tone and my lips are quite red anyway so it could sort of pass off as a my lips but better colour.

6. Pinkini - 17 Liptint. This is a perfect hot pink liptint and a great base for number 7!

7. Girl About Town - MAC. This is great for a night out, genuinely love it. Discovered it two years ago when I borrowed someone's MAC lipstick at a festival and I always remembered it until I finally picked it up.

8.  Rose Blush - 17 lip liner. (2nd from left). I got this idea from Andreas Choice. She always says about how she uses a lip liner with a balm over top instead of a lipstick. I was pretty rubbish with lip liners owning only a nude/browny shade and a berry colour that I thought was red when I bought it without paying too much attention. Rambling again. It's a 'my lips but better' colour for sure and lasts a lot longer than most lipsticks.

9. Benetint - Benefit. This was my first ever lip tint and it's still a strong fave. It's multi purpose cause it's good on your cheeks as well as lips and you can layer it. Just wonderful at what it's made for. I've not seen many high end lip tints either so this seems to be one of the only ones!

10. Pink Apricot - Sexy Mother Pucker. This is the best lipgloss I've ever owned. I'm not a big lipgloss fan but this one had to make the cut. It's a plumping lip gloss and the tingles are part of the reason why I love it. It's sticky but not to the point where your lips put up resistance when you're trying to talk etc. The colour is also a winner!