Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Soho Silk Nails Inc Base Review

This might seem like an odd thing to review, but hear me out. It's quite a different product to any other base I've used and there are pros and cons that I wanted to let you guys know about!

I have a mini of Soho Silk from a nails inc collection I got a while back. It's just a brilliant base that I thought I'd tell you all about. Before trying out this product, I never really got the idea of using a base coat, it felt like primer to foundation something that wasn't 100% necessary. The only time I ever used it was if the colour was really bright and likely to stain my nails. It was one of these cases when I put on Soho Silk and I can guarantee it's the best base I've ever used. Because of the white colour, it made brighter colours look better ontop of it and pale, thinner colours look more opaque. It genuinely does everything right for your nails! 
Nails inc describe the product as this:
Soho Silk base coat uses a specially formulated silk powder which provides instant strength to your nails. Soho Silk acts as a liquid wrap which will help protect your nails. The silk fibres help bond your nail together and will reduce the chance or splitting or peeling.

Soho Silk also enhances the appearance of vibrant shades. Apply one coat of Soho Silk base coat to bare nails before applying your nail colour. Soho Silk is also a great choice for a natural nail colour or a soft London manicure look tip.
I think they're pretty valid in their description, it makes your nails feel stronger and smoother, almost like it's a nail care product. Plus it looks great under polish. BUT! This is a big one, it makes polish chip and even peel off in whole pieces much more than it ordinarily would. Nail bases do the opposite of a primer really in the way that they make it harder for the polish to last as long. Polish likes the ridges and faults on your nails because it can stick to it, by smoothing this out with a base your nail polish can literally peel right off.
I don't really mind this because I always change my polish so it's just a nudge to try out a new one but when I want something to last it always seems to come straight off so that's annoying. This is the best base I've ever used though so that outweighs the cons in my book. Let me know what you think!

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