Wednesday, 11 July 2012

SATC Nails Gift-Set

I actually bought this for my mum as a Christmas present a few years ago, but obviously, I have used them since then. I just can't help myself!
(photo is from the fashion bandit)

I'm going to go in the order of the picture so first up we have Carrie. This reminds me of Missile by Topshop (review here) but I have to say I do prefer the TopShop version. But, it's still the same cobalt/royal blue with shimmer running through it. The polish looks very expensive and the glitter flecks help it to grip to your nail and last a bit longer than the others. But I can't recommend it too much because I know the topshop polish is much better. It is decent enough though and before I found a different version I did enjoy it and used it often.

This next polish is my favourite! Samantha. This glossy, deep red is an embodiment of Samantha's character, it's so sexy but still classy and gorgeous at the same time. This is a go to colour for me, especially if I'm wearing an outfit including a lot of black. Just that hint of bright red adds elegance without having to go overboard. There's just something about red nails and this is the perfect red that I've been looking for! It's just that little bit darker and richer than all the others I've tried but not to the point of being vampy.

Charlotte is my least favourite colour out of the bunch. The only useful thing I can think for it is for a french manicure, it's that sort of colour and consistency. It's nowhere near opaque and would take you like 10 coats to get an acceptable coverage but it's okay for a french manicure. I'm not a big fan and would rather stick with my Ballet Slippers by Essie.

Miranda is actually a really pretty colour. It's really nice to go on your toes, a dark purple shimmery shade. It keeps up the standard of Carrie and Samantha, we just need to do something about Charlotte and it'll be a great kit altogether! Again, the glitter in this helps it to last longer on your nails without chipping, the formula is almost identical to that of Carrie.

All in all, the 'New York Nail Bar' is a nice kit but there are better dupes for a lot of the products. But, I do desperately need to find a dupe of Samantha to put in my kit because it's the exact shade of red that I've been searching for. Finding something so particular is a huge pain in the arse but I am determined that if it exists in this kit, it has to exist as a stand alone too!

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