Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Montagne Jeunesse - Travel Pamper Pack

This nifty idea really intrigued me when I heard from Montagne Jeunesse again recently. They mentioned they're pamper kit that was perfect for on the go use. At first I was like yeah alright, you won't really need any pamper stuff when you're away but this little thing is quite genius with the way it incorporates necessaties and pampering, luxury items into a little kit. If you're vegetarian especially, the shower gel would be hugely helpful in case your hotel mini shower gel is not suitable.

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I'm sort of rambling. Within each pack comes:

  •  1 "Passion Peel Off" Mask
  • 1 "Skin Smoother"
  • 1 "Foot Cooler"
  • 1 "Intensive Spa Hair Masque"
  • 2 "Body Wash"
Now although some of these seem to be sort of redundant during travelling I'd say the only one I might not use would be the face mask after testing them all out there are practical uses for each. As I mentioned in my sort of intro, the body wash is great for vegetarians who are unsure about the complementary products you get given and smells amaaazing! The skin smoother, essentially a body moisturiser, is always good to have with you especially in hot climates where your skin will easily dry out.

The more vague products that you wouldn't really think you'd use are definitely the Foot Cooler and the Hair Masque however I thought that both of these would be brilliant for sitting poolside and feeling the effects of the sun. And even just on plane journeys. You need to stimulate blood flow to your legs and feet so the foot cooler is the perfect use for that or if your feet swell in the heat like mine it's a useful way to calm that down too. To be perfectly honest, I think you could do with more than one! "But what's practical about a hair masque?" I hear you cry. Well, consider being abroad, going in and out of the chlorine filled pool, going into salty sea, always letting your hair dry under the sun inbetween? Yeah, there's a problem with that. Your hair will be so dry and sun damaged that you won't know what's hit it. The salt in sea water will especially dry it out so this is perfect to give your hair a treat to feel nice and refreshed, and less on the side of dead than before.

This just leaves the face mask, and although I love me a face masque and think it's amazing to have pamper time every now and then I couldn't see you using it while traveling. Maybe save it for when you're home and jetlagged to make you feel better!

Each of these packs goes for £5 each which saves you money on the fixed price of £1.09 each product comes for because you get six products in the pack. Also, as I touched upon, all products are suitable for vegetarians and cruelty free so there's no need to worry about that. Finally, they have an offer on their website at the moment, all orders over £10 have no delivery charges so click here to take a look.