Wednesday, 18 July 2012

High-End VS Drugstore

This post has been a long time coming...but I just never seem to be able to find the right words to describe the difference between high end and budget products with the right balance and always end up sounding like a spoiled brat who will only have the best, even if that means a £40 foundation, or someone who wouldn't spend that much money on anything apart from bills. So, I've tried again and again but finally I think this is the right balance of fair and slightly biased opinion to show you all my overall view of the difference between the two.

It's an endless debate in the beauty world. What's better? Drugstore or High End products, most people gravitate to high end but is it only because the products are good or that the luxurious feeling we get when we know that it's wroth a lot of money. Let's face it, whenever there's an innovative new high end product, give it a few months and there'll be a dupe from all the drugstore products and now it's even starting to go vice versa. Revlon Lip Butters vs Clinique Chubby Sticks anyone? It's almost impossible to get a real answer for this so the way I'm going to do it is break down into makeup categories and see which one wins each round. The winner is the one with the majority? Let the odds ever be in your favour - shameless 'Hunger Games' reference right there.

I don't even need a long paragraph here. I made a post about mascaras before and you all heard just how much I think spending a bunch of money on high end mascaras is pretty useless when the only thing that really makes a difference to application - in my opinion - is the brush. I guess the formula can effect the longevity of the product and if it smudges etc. But i have never had a problem with that and tbh I don't mind brushing through an extra coat halfway through the day. But let's be fair about this. ELF VS CLINIQUE! (I totally just read that like the 'Let's Get Ready To Ruuuumbllleee' guy.)If you've read that article about mascaras I made you'll know the answer to this. ELF Enriched Mineral Mascara is a big fave of mine, with a rubber brush and a smudge proof formula you can't get much better and it's only £1.50. However, Clinique Lash Power mascara goes for £16 - this seems to be the average for high-end mascaras and is awful. It's clumpy, thick and gooey and I just flat out hate it. It wouldn't come off when I wanted it too but it smudged when I didn't want it too! You make your own vote but for me nothing but drugstore could win this round.

Now, after such a negative for high-end on mascara, foundation is a chance for it to redeem itself. This is the one thing that I will happily spend a lot of money on without looking for an alternative because even if you find a 'dupe' it's usually not the same. If you find an eyeshadow dupe it's usually the same quality but there's one or two differnces, I think the formula of foundation dupes is still completely different and doesn't do the same thing to your skin even if they're similar. So, that's that explained. But what makes high-end better than drugstore? Let's start with Rimmel Wake Me up foundation, this is my everyday foundation and a new fave, it looks gorgeous and dewy on the skin. It lasts a long time for me and is a firm fave. But. Be warned this is a  big one. My favourite high-end foundation from what I've tried is MAC ProLongwear. This was my absolute favourite foundation, and although I didn't repurchase I used the very last drop with a smile on my face. It was a gorgeous formula that lasted forever and made my skin look flawless. I could use it as a concealer or all over and apply it with a brush that left it looking light and natural. I don't see how anything could be that, even my trusty Wake Me Up. So that makes it 1-1.

Since I breifly mentioned shadow and dupes in the last section I thought I'd carry it on here. The problem with any industry is that no matter what your copyright says, it's way to easy for someone to basically steal your stuff make a slight difference and call it their own and claim any similarities are purely coincidence. This is true for makeup especially. If you see any hyped product you'll get a dupe, and the easiest with that is eyeshadow. There's such a huge range of shadows, more than anything else you can get your hands on in the makeup industry eyeshadow and it's range is ridiculous! So, dupes are easy to come by making higher-end products less valued. One thing I will dispute this with is finish, for example the MAC velvet finish eyeshadows may be available in identical colours but is the finish and feel of the product the same? Usually not. So for that I have to call this one a draw. I love the texture of things so I can't give it to drugstore anyway, even though I think it's amazing how easily you can get copies of your favourite colours. The only time it's difficult is if you're looking for something discontinued and then, of course, no dupes in the world exist. So still at 1-1.

Do I even need to write anything? It's all the same in my eyes. 2-1 to drugstore.

This is a really tough one. But I'm basing it on a staple in any big makeup collection. Red Lipstick. That puts fear in the mind of any drugstore brand I'm sure, so head to head will be W7 and MAC. The W7 lipstick is okay when it's stand alone. It smudges easily and is quite oily/slick rather than moisturising. It doesn't seem to do anything for my lips. MAC is in Russian Red, which is known for being drying but still the formula is a lot thicker and lasts for a good few hours before it starts to fade and even then it stains your lips until you fully remove your makeup. I think for lipstick I actually have to say that highend wins because when you get a good formula it's amazing. 2-2. I swear I'm not planning this. I'm trying to go through by body part and it's just working out this way haha.

You'd think I'd be biased since my first ever blush was Well Dressed from MAC (a lot of mac going on in this post as well, but it's my most bought high end is all) but to be honest, it's so subtle I think I may be biased on the other side. It's so calm that it's almost on the verge of being unpigmented. I know most people loooove Well Dressed, and that's why I bought it. I heard amazing things about how it looked on really pale skin but I only just notice it on first application and through the day I can't see it at all. However, my new TopShop cream blush is amaaaaaazing and stays all day while being really flattering for my skin tone and making me actually look a teeny bit more tan than usual. So it just barely happened but DRUGSTORE WON! 3-2 to drugstore. I'm sadly proud.

I know there's a few things that I missed out i.e. concealer but I felt that this was a long post anyway without any others in there too. It's always going to be a touch call between high-end and drugstore makeup but if you really like a product get it no matter what because I've had so many things get discontinued while I'm waiting to buy them. From both drugstore and high-end lines.