Thursday, 26 July 2012

Garnier Gradual Tanner Review

Just to give you a warning before I start, this will most likely be a pretty boring review of something you've all used before. But, I was feeling a little paler than usual from being locked away revising for the only time we had a little bit of sun and I felt the need to rectify the situation.

Instead of a spray tanner I went for the Garnier gradual tan, for something pretty natural. I thought it would take forever to build up but after two uses one day after eachother I was oraaaaange! It looked like a normal fake tan, which meant the inevitable streaks. Oh so many streaks, my arms were okay maybe one spot that I'd probably missed myself but my legs were horrendous!!!! I'd been a little bit more generous on my legs, because they're the palest part of me. That was a mistake. I don't know what exactly happened but there were streaks galore and one leg was darker than the other, though I'm sure I applied the same amount. Nightmare. I could still feel a sort of moisturiser residue the next day so it couldn't have absorbed fully. I exfoliated in the shower and applied the thinnest layer I could possibly get over the top to try and even it out and it seems to have worked but I'm now pretty skeptical about this product.

Streaky leg. Excuse the weird feet and pj bottoms. SHHHH!

I think the secret to it is really thin layers soaked into the skin instead of slathering it on. With a thick layer no matter how well you rub it in, it just does not work the same. So warning, if you ever use this be careful. Once I got the hang of applying a really small amount it worked okay and like I had expected first off.