Monday, 30 July 2012

Famous Cosmetics

As mentioned in my FOTD, this is my review of some Famous by Sue Moxley products!

All of the products are available in Superdrug and online here.

Everything I've tried has been ridiculously pigmented and really top quality products for a fraction of the price. I would like to point out that a little birdie told me that these products are also made in the same factory as Bobbi Brown to show just how high the level these products are being made at is.

 I'm going to start with one of the most exciting for me and go down the scale that way so first up is the Shimmer Brick in the shade Medium. This is such a versatile product that I can't not love it (yes look at that double negative and know I did it on purpose). I like to use the colours as individual eyeshadows but a lot of people use shimmer bricks as a highlight. For me the only suitable highlight colour is the lightest and I'm a little to afraid of being orange to actually allow myself to leave the house with a mixture of the colours on. Maybe after a few layers of fake tan it'll be more appealing, but with this bloody weather I haven't even tried to maintain a tan! I could see the darker side working as a shimmery bronzer as long as you used it in conjunction with something a bit darker and grey-er, but it definitely works for a really nice warm neutral eye. Also, just to throw it out there, after swatching I'm convinced this is almost an exact dupe for the Bronze shimmer brick by Bobbi Brown.

 Next is the merged eyeshadow in shade, which actually surprised me. You should have realised by now that neutral is usually the way forward for me but I absolutely loooove this eyeshadow. If you've seen my FOTD video (link) then you'd see what it looks like on my eye and it's definitely a new favourite. It's neutral and calm enough for me to not get scared by the colour but still spices up my usual everyday type makeup with a little bit of colour. also, I have brown eyes so purple always brings out the different shades in them, I have some really pretty honey sort of colours in my eyes but you can only ever really see it when the sun shines on them or when I'm wearing purple ;) Anyway, the swatch of this looked pastel and gross and I was really not impressed until I actually got it on my eye. Everything looked meh, even the texture didn't do it for me but I actually love this and the packaging matches my muji makeup collection case. Just throwing that out there. Also, this sells for £4 per merged shadow.

(L to R) Audrey Black, Antique Gold
 Next I got two eyeshadows, which I'm really impressed with the pigmentation of! they're only £2.99 a piece so I thought that would mean that you have to compromise on quality, but as you can see in the swatches, that is not the case. Both of the colours turned out really strongly with just one swipe on each. Audrey black is a really great colour to have in your collection because it's a black with dark blue glitters making it a little bit less extreme. Also, it's the only black shadow that I own not in palette form. It's really great for darkening out the crease but is easy to blend and the glitter means it doesn't look too heavy even for a day look. Next Antique Gold is a lovely colour, and it's sort of a bronzey/goldey colour. It's really great as a transition colour between gold and brown but also works well alone all over the crease. It works the same way to make a smooth gradient into metallic colours too. It's lovely with the Maybelline On and On bronze and I don't own anything even similar in my kit.

My least exciting item is probably this lipgloss. Although the name is pretty cool! Papparazzi Pout, it's not something I would reach for myself. The design of the packaging is also a bit off and when you take the doe foot out of the tube most of the product has been scraped off already. However, since the relaunch with new packaging this may no longer be the case. It does feel like a plumping lipgloss with a sort of minty feel but I'm not sure whether it actually is. This also sells for £2.99 which is really reasonable but I would definitely say this product is the let down of everything I tried. I've been starting to like lipgloss a lot more lately too so I'm not blaming this on me being fussy. But hey, you get what you pay for, something had to stick to that rule.

Hope you enjoyed this review and check out Famous Cosmetics. However, I would like to point out the pictures I have of the actual products may no longer be accurate as they are now out with a relaunch including new packaging design I'm about 90% sure the shimmer brick comes in black leopard print. Anyway, just wanted to make that clear to you. Let me know if you've tried any Famous products or if there's something you want to try after this review.