Monday, 9 July 2012

Essie Polish Spending Spree!

Okay okay, I admit the title may be a little dramatic but I'm trying to make myself feel as guilty as possible for discovering the Essie stand in boots and buying four polishes. NO BETHAN NO! My bank balance really doesn't like the Essie stand so I'm trying to dislike it too...but it's basically impossible. Anyway, here's a quick photo of the polishes I got:

They're adorable...I am quite glad I bought them even though my money doesn't agree.
So I got (from left to right) Ballet Slippers, Lilacism, Cute as a Button and Mint Candy Apple. They;re all sort of muted colours apart from cute as a button which is still not as bright as most corals around right now. I can wait to try them all out, let me know if you want a review!

That's all for today, just a short and sweet post.