Friday, 6 July 2012

17 Fest Of All

Boots currently have a new deal on 17 products, spend just £6 and you get a free 'Fest Of All' kit. Before I even get into talking about it can we all just take a minute to appreciate that pun. 'Fest Of All' Best of all or festival who knows!?? oh 17, you made my day when I saw that on the shelves of Boots.

Anyway! Inside this adorable little package comes what 17 consider the must haves for a festival. I can't tell you how long the offer is running for but for £6 being the minimum, they're bound to sell pretty quickly, so run! When you first open the kit you're greeted by some lovely green paper to wrap up all the products, this is a pretty nice touch and just makes the whole thing look brilliant. All of the kits are exactly the same, no different colour combinations etc so when you rip into the paper (or carefully peel so you don't damage it and can keep it) you'll find a kohl eyeliner pencil in Onyx. No one can ever have enough black eyeliner pencils to definitely a good find.

The 24 hour instant bronzer, which looks to be a deluxe sample size but that's good enough for me considering it was free. Now this must be the most dissapointing item fro me because I'm not a huge fan of instant bronzers and if you're in a festival, you better be prepared for rain and that will just run right off you.

Finally a full size nail polish in the shade Tropical Island. This is a nice summer item and the coral colour reminds me a little bit of a more orange version of Essie's Cute as a Button. It'll be really nice for when it starts getting hot out, can't wait to get a bit of a tan and use it.

I'd definitely send you off to Boots to pick up this and 17 is a good brand to try anyway. I highly recommend their lipliners and BB cream, which is more than £6 anyway! It's a really great idea...even if I wouldn't actually use any of these for a festival.

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