Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Skincare Secrets

This feels quite repetitive to me which is weird because I've searched through my blog and I can't find a post like it...if I'm being an idiot and it does exist but I've just overlooked it I'm extremely sorry. Feel free to comment telling me how stupid I have been and that you've read something almost identical but well here we go:
I often get compliments on my my skin being good and I've even had 'porcelain' once or twice in the past which just floored me! But, although a lot of it is down to makeup, I am blessed with pretty good skin. I get blackheads around my nose and on my chin but apart form that there's not a lot else wrong. I can get a few blemishes from stress and hormones but that tends to be it!

That being said when I treat my skin better, it also behaves a lot better, and my skincare routine can be quite vigorous at times so with that it can slip and I can misbehave with my skincare and then it's obvious that it's not as good as usual. So that's my first tip, make sure that you keep on top of your skin care, and if it slips, make up for it with uber pampering! Bring out the steamer and everything, or if you don't have one improvise with Lush toner tabs and a bowl of boiling water. So here's a few of my tips on how I keep my skin in it's best condition and the products I find the best.

First is the most obvious, always remove your makeup. Even if you don't have the time to do a full regime of skincare make sure you grab a few makeup wipes and take off everything! You'll instantly see that your skin will appear brighter and clearer if you always remember to take it off. And don't think going out for the night will be an excuse. The first thing I do in the morning after a night out is check that I took my makeup off...and then run for the headache tablets!

Next, invest in a cleanser to use every morning. Although a lot of people swear by soap and water, a specially made cleanser will make your skin get and stay in good condition. My personal favorite is the Clinique Wash-off Foaming Mousse but there are some really great cheaper Neutrogena face washes. Be sure to have one catered to your own skin type for maximum results.

MOISTURISE! This is probably one of the most important to me. I have pale skin which is known to be more prone to age and deteriorate faster than other skin types so a good moisturiser is key to keeping my skin hydrated and make sure that it stays good. I also find that if I put a moisturiser on I'm usually good to go out the door the way I am, maybe with a bit of mascara but it makes my skin look better than it does beforehand. Mine at the moment is the no7 day cream.

Sleep and water. If you have all the water you need to keep you fully hydrated your skin, hair and nails will all be in much better condition and could be the reason that even though you keep up a good skincare routine, your skin isn't the way you would have expected.

A few more optional things are to have a pamper day once a week, for me this includes a facemask to keep my skin in good condition, but as well as that having one day a week to relax is always a good thing for your skin and for you in general to keep a good frame of mind. I've made mine a monday so when I have the end-of-weekend blues, I have something to look forward too!

I hope you incorporate some of these tips into your skincare routine and that they make a difference to help you conquer your skincare woes!

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