Sunday, 24 June 2012

Phil Smith Conditioner

I was sent a Phil Smith Be Gorgeous conditioner over the last few weeks and have been using it religiously, first to see the actual difference the product would make and then, well because I love it! As the pack states this conditioner is aimed for 'Long Locks' an intensive, intelligent conditioner which is specifically for dry hair - following the new wave of intelligent cosmetics released lately including the Dior blush and shed loads of foundations - which is designed to target the dry areas in your hair and hydrate them more than the normal areas in your hair. Anyway, along with that snazziness, the general appearance of the product and packaging tied in with the effect it has on your hair I was literally floored by the fact that this retails at £3.99 in Sainsbury's. I'm not sure where/if it is available anywhere else at the moment though. Now a days, you're lucky to buy anything that you really want for under a £5 and I actually just sat in my room and like gasped "No way!" when I read the price. But there's no trick either, it's not a small amount of product and it's lasted me a while and I feel I've barely made a dent in the 250ml bottle. Another thing, if you can buy it with your groceries you don't have to feel guilty about spending money on it!

Onto the product now, before I get any more distracted. It doesn't exactly smell amazing and it's sort of chemically. I was really skeptical about that and I've used so many dry hair products in the past that when I get told on a package that it's going to either 'restore' or 'hydrate' my hair I usually roll my eyes and ignore it but use it anyway but added with a chemical smell I thought it would do more harm than good. When I put it on it just didn't feel like a normal conditioner, it made my hair feel really clean and almost stringy rather than a big heavy block of hair that's almost slippy because of the conditioner - I hope you can make some sense of that. It really did make my hair feel clean rather than nourished before I washed it out and I think that's possibly the shiny element that they're aiming for. But after drying, it felt like a deep conditioning treatment. It was too heavy at the roots but that's because I ignored my instinct and listened to the package and applied it right up to my roots.

This sort of discredits the intelligent aspect  because the roots of my hair are virgin hair and pretty healthy but had still had the strong, deep conditioning as the ends. After use on just the bleached, damaged hair on my ends, this product was wonderful. It almost made the dry parts of my hair feel as healthy as the roots. It still felt that sort of dry roughness but apart from that the look and feel of my hair was a lot better. When I dried it, I didn't have the need to straighten my hair because of the frizzy ends, even when blowdried properly with a brush and cap on the end of my hairdryer I usually needed to but this kept it nice, smooth and straight. Which is perfect because then you don't need to straighten your hair as much so the damage is less.....blah blah blah.

The main feature of this product is to restore hair to the point where a cut isn't 'as necessary'. After repeated use over the course of two months I'd say that this is definitely true, however it doesn't make a haircut unneeded. And for roughly £4 this is amazing for people who are petrified of the hairdressers and the shears that they can use to scalp you when you've specifically said otherwise. I've spoken to so many people who when asking for the very ends to be taken off have had an over-enthusiastic hairdresser remove 3 inches or so. To a girl - especially a teenager - this ends in tears and ponytails for weeks.

I've also used it again recently since a haircut (stay tuned for a post about that!) and since my hair is already feeling loads healthier, adding a coat of this is just the final straw and makes sure my entire head feels glossy and alive rather than the dry and dead state I've grown so used to. I definitely need to go try out the shampoo with it though, because I'll use any generic shampoo, and maybe this will change my mind!

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