Thursday, 28 June 2012

Organic Surge Shower Gel

'Your skin's best friend' is the perfect slogan for the Organic Surge shower gel I was recently sent to review for you guys.
With certified organic essential oils and a stance against animal testing the name is pretty much the exact description and everything you'd expect. The specific variation I got also contains no parabens/sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate and although some of these mean nothing to me I know anything that ends in sulphate is bad and so are parabens so this was good enough for me. Almost all of the ingredients are at least derived from a natural source, but this could mean that there are slight differences between each batch of the shower gel, because...well...nature isn't perfect. I think this is part of the attraction though, but I can definitely see why some people may be disheartened by this.

It retails for £4.07 which is brilliant for something so good for your skin and especially because it's organic, which instantly in my head means a boost in price. The smell is also aammmaaaaaaaaaaaaazzing. I actually can't stress enough how lush it smells. It's sweet and although is described as sugared almond, there's something almost fruity about it. It's so beautiful and sticks in your nostrils and to your skin after application too.

With the whole nourishing and moisturising aspect, I think the product stands up to all of the claims. It lathers beautifully and feels soft on your skin but afterwards your skin still holds onto that moisture and the softness because of the Vitamin E in the formula. Once applying moisturiser on the top, you'll really feel the difference of how your skin usually feels in comparison to usual. It's taken a valuable spot in my shower next to some of my skincare products, I consider it in that league. I might purchase some of their other products to see how they hold up in comparison to this.

One last note, is that you can pick this up from the organic surge website along with the rest of their fragrances and other products. They have body scrubs, lotions and a foaming bath cream.