Friday, 22 June 2012

Keeping Organised for School & Revision

I for one am a complete and utter freak when it comes to keeping organised and everything having a place or purpose. But when it comes to school I am almost the opposite, scatterbrained isn't close to describing me. If I don't have a file for everything and paper clips and post it notes telling me deadlines then things will either get lost, forgotten about or just flat out not done. So here's some tips I've learned over the years to help try and keep organised especially around the exam period we're all stuck in.

Also, I thought it would be fitting for my first real blog back to be about the reason I've been in hiding for a while!

First off, make sure you have a notepad! I mean a general one that isn't subject specific so that you can use it for general notes about exam dates, coursework deadlines and just lists of things that you need to do! It always helps me to just know that I can find anything very important in this one book and I have it in my bag literally all the time now!

Next the post-it notes that you use as sort of book marks are amazing! First off, I use them for annotation of the books I study in English but they're good for that notebook to keep the page of my to do list too. I love using like a colour key with my annotation and then having them around revision time to point out key lines from booklets upon booklets of random information is pretty much essential for me. They're also good to split revision into topics and make it less scary!

Now this is a pretty random one but piles! Instead of having one tall high scary pile of writing that is completely unoragnised, with scattered topics throughout it and none of the stuff you actually need. It's pretty daunting. Especially when along with that you realistically are going to have at least two exercise books of normal work too. So, my advice split it down into topics, you're guaranteed to find double sheets or sheets that are utterly useless in the process and then you have 4/5 little piles of sheets that you can condense down into one page of written revision of all the important points. This is the best way for me to revise.

Dedicate a particular space in your room for work. And when you're trying to be productive, make yourself go there and you're less likely to procrastinate. For me. It's my desk. I'm actually so into this idea more than anything else that if I find myself starting to procrastinate, I move back onto the floor or my bed and give in for a short space of time and let my brain have the rest. Then, when your time is up, grudgingly move back to productive spot and get things done!

Last but not least. Have a place for all your books and extra sheets that you have but don't need right now. Mine is this big ugly grey box next to my desk that holds all of last year and this year's work. Then my exercise books and booklets I need every lesson are usually planted on the very edge of my desk ready to go straight into my bag for school. It makes everything a bit more organised and then when you're about to start revising you know exactly where everything is.

Although I said put a to do list in your notebook, I'd also recommend putting brightly coloured post it notes that include deadlines near your productive place so that you can't avoid the fact that you do actually have loads of work to do instead of going on youtube and facebook. (Unless it's my channel and then I'll write your teachers a note, promise!)

Last but not least, you're probably reading this because you're in school and you've got so much work to do that you're ready to scream, pull your hair out and have your head explode all miraculously at the same time so stop procrastinating by reading how to do it, and get back to it! The internet will still be here when you're on summer time and then you can hide in your room wasting time until 3am without any guilt!