Friday, 11 May 2012

Pale Foundation

I was recently asked in an email to do a blog post about good foundation for pale skin, because obviously you've all figured out by now that I'm not exactly the most tanned person in the world. But I have to admit this has been a really difficult post to write and it's taken me a while to cast my mind back through the heaps and heaps of both bad and good foundations and colours that I've tried over the years. Because I have been wearing makeup for a while, longer than you'd expect considering I'm only 17. Anywho, the reason this is so difficult is because everyone is different and with skin especially. Personally, I have yellow undertones to my skin on my body but my face is quite pink so I try to get yellow based foundations to cover that which may not work for you, and pale skin is known for being pink under toned. Even though, I am going to stick to what I know and tell you the best foundations I have used or researched/heard great things about.

My first and most important tip is to make sure you shop around! No matter where you go, you can test out foundations, whether it be in a drugstore tester or requesting a sample in a much higher end product. If you want to buy it, no matter what sales people say, you can try it out. Even if that be by them applying it to you right there and then. I usually try them out one day and leave them on the back of my hand until the night and go back and buy it afterwards depending on which held out and looked better.

Next is to play around with coverage. I often find the more sheer coverage you have, the more you can get away with being off your actual skin colour a bit but if you have a really heavy foundation it'll be more obvious that you're skin and the foundation are different. So if you're comfortable with a lighter coverage you should be able to get away with more of the lightest shades in drugstore etc at least that's my opinion.

A weird thing that factors into foundation buying is where you live, I know it actually sounds crazy but if you live in a different country they cut down on lighter or darker shades. Especially if it's a drugstore product, they're only given so much room on a stand in Boots etc to display the products they want out. So let's say for example I lived in turkey, it would be 50x harder for me to get a shade in my colour for foundation because the stock is limited. Even some high end companies do it and Chanel are known for their weird limits on product colour ranges. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that even France has like waaayyy darker shades than Britain which is pretty odd.

Now onto the actual foundations I have recommended for you:
  1. Dainty Doll as a line is amazing for pale skin and has everything from foundation to flattering eye shadows for pale skin.
  2. MAC, there's a reason it's so popular with beauty bloggers. There's such a wide shade range, but even NC/NW15 can seem a little off my actual skin tone so for that I have an amazing white foundation I mix into my foundation bottles, it's actually a stage makeup so it's a good coverage too.
  3. L'Oreal anything in the shade Porcelain. I've actually used the Infallible and True Match though and they were both in Porcelain and I loved them!
  4. Healthy Mix in the shade 51 which is the lightest they have here just blends amazingly.
  5. 17 BB Cream in Light, this is currently my weapon of choice shall we say when I'm wearing everyday face makeup. I don't tend to do it often.
  6. Wake Me Up foundation by Rimmel in Ivory and they're Hide the Blemish concealer in the same shade is perfect for me.
Now there's also a few I've heard good things about: the Laura Mercier Tinted moisturiser is supposed to be really good and Max Factor is supposed to get really pale at the lightest end of their shade range.

If you're as pale as me or even lighter, I'd recommend looking into a 'mixer' foundation that's actually white to make any foundations you have that are off lighter. I did look into the MAC face and body but in the end I wanted a generic white foundation rather than a specific formulation. There are looooads of options available. Another last thing I want to address is concealer, now I really think that concealer is a lot lighter than foundation in general, because people want to cover dark circles and illuminate their skin with a concealer, but less with foundation so I don't think its as hard to find a light concealer but I will do a follow up post if you want and you find trouble with pale concealer.

This being said, I'm not a makeup artist and although I hope what I've said has helped, Lisa Eldridge recently did a video on this topic that I'll embed below for you guys.