Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Nail Rock Review - Bleached Neon

I was sent a sample of the new Nail Rock line available exclusively from Asos for £6.70 a pop. It's called the bleached neon line and the colour range is absolutely amazing. The description that it's been given is really accurate as well and I honestly can't think of anything other to describe it than bleached neon, it's not bright enough to be neon but it's way too bright to just be called orange...anway, onto the review.
So, I'm really not a fan of nail wraps. I found that they looked rough and unpolished at the tip of my nail, whether I filed it one way or both, so that wasn't the issue. But there just seemed to be like almost shredded looking pieces of the wrap at the top of my nail that wouldn't go away! So, I can one hundred percent safely say I'm not a fan of nail wraps. I've used a few different brands and versions before, I've tried them all over and just on one nail and just bleh. However, some of them haven't even lasted on my nails for the length of time it took me to put them all on, and these ones are soooo strong, even when I tried to pull them off it took a lot of effort and kinda hurt if I'm honest which is well actually good cause it shows the strength of it. Then I do believe their claim that it can last up for ten days.

So the fact that I believe them makes me really sad that I can't give a positive review but I just don't like them and I'm sorry. But I don't want to give too bad a review because I do honestly think that it's down to personal preference and if you get along with nail wraps, that'll be fine for you. Also, it is probably just a product that you need to practise with until you find how it works best. Like I hated the MAC cream colour base Pearl, I just did not like it at all, I thought it looked cakey but after trying it a few different ways it's now my favourite highlighter and I'm essentially scraping at the sides to get every last drop. So, if you have the time to go and give these a go, I'd say they're the best brand I've used, and trust me I've tried so may different nail art ones.

Each pack you buy includes a mini file with Nail Rock printed on it, a wooden cuticle pusher - which is used to tuck the wrap underneath your nail - and an acetone wipe which is part of the preporation of applying them. So essentially everything you need (except a buffing board which they recommend you use) is already supplied to you. Also each pack has more than enough for your nails, you get extras with the various sizes they have, and there's two of each size....stating the obvious a bit but I've honestly used ones with only one that was able to fit my baby finger.

As mentioned earlier, this collection is only available from ASOS but I've seen other lines everywhere from Boots to even Claire's Accesories.

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