Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Montagne Jeunesse - Skin Heroes Review

I was kindly sent the new 'Skin Heroes' line from Montagne Jeunesse, and I was ecstatic because as most of you will know, I'm from South Wales and that's where Montagne Jeunesse is based - believe it or not with that French name. It was really nice to gain this opportunity because I only recently found out they were based in Port Talbort when the local news featured them in a piece about the economy. So I feel a sense of pride at this review, which is quite sad I know but still.

The first thing I want to mention is price. Each mask goes for only £1.49 when you buy them either online or in Asda, which is their main, nationwide stockist. They're all really affordable and easily available for everyone. The Skin Heroes line in particular is made to cater for every skin type, no matter what your skin issue, you'll be able to find a solution with one of the products. They go from pore strips to shine prone or even dry skin so you have a good range of products to help you get the skin that you want. All of the masks are completely manafactured in the UK by Montagne Jeunesse also, but the pore strips are made in China. They're very proud of the fact and well so am I. Another few facts that may interest you is that all of the products are suitable for vegetarians and approved by PETA, BUAV and the vegetarian society so none of the products are tested on animals in any way shape or form.

I have used the majority of the line but in particular I loved the TZone Peel off the Anti-Breakout and Black head specific products are amazing and with the stress of exams lately I've been breaking out big style so these have really helped to calm my skin and make it more back to it's usual state of what is usually pretty good, if red skin. Both masks contained Canadian witch hazel and tea tree which are renowned ingredients for taking care of your skin and clearing your complexion. Although the ingredients are the same, the texture between these masks couldn't be more different and I think that's the main difference and depending on your preference you can pick and choose what makes the biggest effect to your skin. Obviously not the same thing will work for everyone. 

 All the masks come with a moisturiser which contains similar ingredients as a sort of double punch to make your skin behave. Also, each pack has easily enough for two generous uses if not more and you could probably stretch out the mask if you wanted to as well. One thing I was skeptical with was the way the moisturiser would sit with my makeup afterwards but with the leftovers I used it as my morning moisturiser and I was really surprised that my BB cream sat lovely on the top and stayed the same way it usually does. 

The scent for all the ones I've tried, even previous lines have been so strong though and can sometimes be a bit overpowering. I remember a white chocolate one that just made me feel sick. I will say that can be a bit off putting but if you have sensitive skin, don't think of it as 'scented' because it's just the natural ingredients and their scent. The person I was in contact with from Montagne Jeunesse explained that they always look to purely natural products and ingredients to create their masks so the scent shouldn't effect sensitive skin.

Please go try them out because it's so amazing to tell you they run their company just down the road from me and they are so cheap and just brilliant. So although I have a link to the skin heroes particular section of the site at the beginning of the post, here is the link for the actual site too for you to have a look at. They also have a 'skin guru' which figures out the best mask for your skin which is handy.

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  1. I love these things! They're one of the only face masks I buy!