Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Clinique Smoothing Cream

I have almost forever had bumpy redness on the back of my arms and some people say it's a zinc deficiency, others extreme dry skin, sensitivity.....the list goes on. Anyway, I've been trying for years to find that perfect product that just makes them disappear, I've used scrubs, supplements and anything that goes with the theories I've been told these bumps are there for. Safe to say none of them worked, but recently to try and combat it I thought I'd try out the Clinique Body Smoothing Cream, you've probably noticed before this point but I'm a huge Clinique skincare fan but I hadn't used any of the body products before. I won't say that this is the miracle product I wanted but it has definitely helped.

My first impressions weren't all that great, mostly because of the smell. It's so chemical smelling and doesn't really have a fragrance to it apart from this weird nasty chemical-ness which sticks to your hands really bad and is also a little bit present on your body even after it's soaked in. I thought it was stronger on my hands though and I had to use a really heavily scented handwash just to try and get rid of it and mask the smell. But if like me you're desperate for something to work and power through this downfall, this definitely helps!

It's a continuous exfoliant so while it's sunk into your skin and still not been worn/washed off it will continue to exfoliate. But this can mean that your skin can feel quite hot and even a little bit 'tingly' from the chemicals. This started from 10/15 minutes after application and continued on and off for a little while. I did sort of get used to it and forget about the tingling after a while but then something would make me sort of realise it again or if I wasn't doing anything I'd be like why is my arm all funny.I do tend to do this before I go to bed though so by the morning any sensation is gone.

When you apply the cream, apart from the horrible mell it's actually really similar to a normal body lotion and is just a nice white cream that feels really rich on the skin.

After my disappointment with the scent I can safely say I didn't care when the morning after felt a lot softer and just nicer then less than twenty-four hours before. With such a difference made after just one use, using this product persistently has given me much softer arms and the bumpy skin has started to disappear too. Even the redness has calmed a little bit and I think if I keep using it all of these effects will be enhanced.

I can't wait for the day when I find my miracle product to get rid of it completely, but for now, this will do the job!

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  1. Sounds like keratosis pilaris? I have it on my legs, and while I've tried this cream, it didn't improve the condition much...