Saturday, 7 April 2012

Top 5 Eye Products

1. MAC Eyeshadow - Sable
MAC seems to be coming out on top in these little series of top 5, I wonder if the next lot will be able to put that to shame. Anyway, it was close with the urban decay palettes but I couldn't justify that with the amount of fallout that you get from those pallettes, so MAC eyeshadow in general wins! It doesn't particularly matter what the exact shade is but for reference I went with Sable because that's one of my everyday favourites, but I also love Sketch, and well a whole other host of amazing shadows.

2. Urban Decay Primer Potion
This product has earned legend status among beauty bloggers and youtubers over the years, it's a brilliant primer that does exactly what it's supposed to without difficulty. It stops eyeshadow from creasing and does keep them put all day and night. It's so popular now that when I watch a tutorial where they use something else for their primer, I feel a little bit of shock and betrayal. It's brilliant, I'm assuming you all must have heard of it if not tried it by now! 

3. Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo
These have been a new favourite of mine and a review will be up of the ones I have soon, but I'm probably going to end up buying all if not most of the brand. I have eternal gold, on and on bronze and immortal charcoal at the moment and they're brilliant to throw on your eyelids with a bit of liner and mascara for the school day. I've actually done a look going out as well by using Eternal Gold on my lid and On and On Bronze in my crease layered with a couple of eyeshadows and I don't think I've had that many comments about my makeup ever, almost every girl I spoke to said something about it. That's how brilliant they are.

4. Urban Decay NYC Pallete
As briefly mentioned earlier, these do have a lot of fall out but they're brilliant shadows in a range of colours that you could even need plus a travel sized primer potion and two 24/7 eyeliners! I loved this palette so much and I was given it for christmas a few years ago, any big event I go to or if I want a colourful look, I instantly grab this pallete for some inspiration. I don't know how anyone couldn't love this! It's pretty expensive but just look at everything you're getting in here...I can't stress enough how good these are. As long as you're okay with handling fall out that is.

5. Rimmel Exxagerate Eyeliner
This is a new favourite as I only bough tit to replace my MAC Fluidline within the last two weeks but I struck gold with this eyeliner. I forgot just how much I loved liqquid liners and how brilliant a makeup line Rimmel were throughout the last few months, but safe to say I've learned from my mistakes. This doesn't budge once I've put it on, and I have pretty watery eyes so that's the number one thing I look for mostly in liner, mascara etc.

I do have a few more of these coming out o let me know if you like them, and tell me your top 5's!