Tuesday, 17 April 2012

RevitaLash Review

I was sent this amazing product for reviewing purposes and I don’t know if anyone else has had the same problem, but well I’ve been losing eyelashes a lot more than usual recently and it’s really bothering me that my eyelashes are going to be thinner and thinner. And a guinea pig of mine has been growing out her eyebrows that have been insanely patchy whenever she’s tried to do it before so I thought I’d test this out on her brows and lashes too. When I received the product I was shocked to find out the backstory of this product, a doctor developed Revitalash for his wife who was suffering from cancer and lost her eyelashes, and related to this a % of sales goes to the breast cancer trust to try and help find a cure.

Also, it is recommended as a good product for older women to restore your eyelashes to how they were where in younger years, and actually, since I thought I had enough information for a review I’ve given it to my nan and in two days she’s noticed that her lashes are stronger, but no visible difference yet, I’ll post an update when she does! Anyway, for the point I made earlier about the state of my lashes and they’re unhealthy nature. I found that the revitalash made a difference in making my eyelashes thicker and stronger, I don’t think even one fell out over the length of the time I tested them. I added it to my bottom lashes every now and then too, which I think made the most difference, they’re sooooo long and thick now compared to how they were before. I barely even had lower lashes, they were just sort of meh there but now if I put mascara on my lower lashes I don’t need any sort of eyeliner because they just look so thick and strong.

I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself here aren’t I? I was sent the Revitalash Advanced Formula for testing with the new ‘soft touch’ packaging. It’s really luxurious looking and just gorgeous in general both with the primary (tube) packaging and secondary (the box) looking luxurious and expensive. The only thing I will say is that the box looks sort of masculine with the combination of that specific navy and grey it almost reminded me of the packaging for some Nivea for Men products. It currently retails for £97 a pop, but the results it gives is definitely worth it if you can put some money away and make this investment. I can swear that it works, and well so can RevitaLash, they have done so many clinical studies to make sure that it works and that it does everything you want and more. I’m not joking it’s been ophthalmologist tested, dermatologist tested, allergy tested, clinically tested, and non-irritating. One that I thought was important is that they’ve been confirmed to cause ‘practically no ocular irritation’ I can blink and get an eye infection so if it hasn’t affected me adversely, I doubt it will do anything to you because honestly my eyes are so sensitive.

Application is quick, simple and easy, it’s also not hard to remember. I kept it in the pot of my makeup collection and every night when I took my makeup off I would pop it on before going to bed. You can only use it once a day too so that’s a good time to do it I think. The results for my also came within a week, my eyelashes just got so strong and not one fell out which is like a miracle for me. I was expecting it to be strong in scent, and thought it would be tingly and irritating on my skin but you could hardly feel it was there, and for something that works that well to feel like literally a tiny bit of water, it’s just brilliant.

Anyway, I’ve spoken enough. Here’s the before and after from guinea pig for you to see the difference. Also her eyelashes are naturally a lot darker than mine so you can physically see the difference, whereas mine are blonde without mascara.


I think the most noticeable difference is on her eyebrows, but she caved and plucked them. But I can safely say, trust me it made them grow back and her eyelashes looked amazing later that day when I did her makeup. The tiniest amount of mascara and they looked gorgeous.

You can buy RevitaLash here.