Monday, 16 April 2012

Mascara Vs

This post is a breakdown of a few mascara's I've tried in different price ranges and the pros and cons of each, I've previously said highend mascaras don't make much difference to the low end let's see how this pans out.

This is brilliant at making your lashes look huge and volumous and holds a curl really well too. The formula doesn't dry out in the tube but does sort of flake on your eyelashes by the night if you've had it on all day. It's one of my favorites and I love having it in my makeup collection for night's out in particular because it does an amazing job at creating dramatic lashes without falsies. This is a drugstore mascara but is still around £8 worth of product, so I'd count it towards the higher end of what you expect from drugstore prices.

W7 Big Lash
Similar brush style to the Colossal Mascara but the packaging and formula are completely different. I think I like the packaging of this more because even though I love the boldness of the yellow, nothing can compare to animal print in my book. It again holds a curl well and really thickens lashes while separating and lengthening them. This is my current makeup bag mascara and a quick swipe of this in the morning has me done for the day. But, the formula is very wet and easily smudged, mostly onto under-eye concealer a little through the day as well as the obvious, during application. With an RRP of only £2 this is much lower in price than the Collossal but still does the same job. 

ELF Mineral Enriched Mascara
This mascara is soo soo cheap but still has a brilliant quality. The brush is completely different to the Colossal and Big lash. It's sort of rubbery rather than the traditional bristles you get. The formulation itself is actually pretty original, it's not exactly 'wet' but when it's on your eyelashes it never dries to that flakey consistency. It sort of reminds me of the consistency of my MAC fluidline, I know that's a really odd comparison but I really do think that it's similar. Anyway, that makes it really quick and easy to take off but still stays on all day. And it doesn't feel bad and painful on your lashes. We all know that this mascara is £1.50 too. But you can tell from the packaging, it's very bland and the writing chips off with time.

Clinique Lash Power Mascara
Now for my high end mascara and well, really I'm surprised by the fact that I don't have a lot to say. The packaging isn't anything special or glamorous, there's nothing all that astounding to say about the brush either. It's not specially made to be new and innovative compared to other mascaras. Actually, it was pretty damn dissapointing. The formula was really gloopy and clumped my lashes all up, some would get a nice coat of it and others were bare so to try and distribute it equally you end up with spider lashes. Paying £16 for this is just ridiculous to me, I wouldn't tell anyone to go and get this ever. Just, uch.